Top 15 Best Winter Fragrances for Men

Cold Weather Colognes That Will Get You Compliments

By BeautypertJanuary 31, 2023

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a selection of 5 of the best winter cologne bottles from 5 different brands lined up in the snow.

Today you get to see our new “battle-tested” top 15 best winter colognes for men list. All certified compliment getters. (Our #3 pick was off the charts!)

Here’s what you need to know:

Good cold weather colognes are stronger, darker, and sweeter (and more interesting). Compared to spring or summer colognes — which are typically lighter and fresher.

They also have that extra little “oomph” that grabs people’s attention. So…

You want something that’s proven.

And we’ve got you covered because we recently tested 57 different winter scents… from all different price points and companies (both niche and designer).

We judged them all side-by-side for how good they smell. We tested how long they last (and how far they project). We looked at usability…

And we even factored in how many compliments they pulled in. (I know, I know.) 🙂

And to round it all off:

We ranked them down to a top 15 A-list of blockbusters — all tailor-made for the winter.

So if you want to “stack the deck in your favor,” this list will serve you well.

By the way, these all also work GREAT in the fall (autumn).

So without any more fluff, let’s see the results…

In a hurry?

Our Top 3 Picks:

#15 Bvlgari Man in Black

a bottle of Bvlgari Man in Black

A Touch of Sophistication

What an apt name. This is a sophisticated masculine scent for a polished gentleman.

By the way:

Man in Black was created by superstar master perfumer Alberto Morillas, who has created some of the world’s most iconic fragrances – Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio, Calvin Klein CK One, Versace Pour Homme… To name but a few!

Simply put: you’re in good hands. 🙂 Let’s break it down…

Splash of Rum

Man in Black opens with a blast of spices (black pepper & cinnamon) mixed with a dark, slightly sweet pipe tobacco… soaked with a splash of boozy rum.

Now, as it dries down, it starts to smooth out… the boozy rum accord fades into the background, and a soft leathery note appears with a tiny hint of white florals.

And as it develops…

Dark, Warm, Spicy & Sophisticated

You get a hint of slightly sweet, powdery tonka bean and woods sitting in the background.

It’s dark, warm, spicy and sophisticated. It smells expensive and if you get compliments, I doubt if you’ll complain. 🙂

By the way, this kind of reminds me of the original Spicebomb (EDT version) by Viktor&Rolf. So if you enjoy that one, this will probably be a love.

Now, to be clear:


This is mature, elegant, manly scent —  so it’s more suited for the 30-up crowd. And is best worn in the fall/winter and cool spring nights. Avoid use in the high heat.

Where to wear?

More suited for formal/semi-formal dressy occasions: black tie affairs, office, special occasions, date nights, bars, parties, club.


Man in Black is an EDP and doesn’t scream out for attention. It projects about arm’s length for the first 2 hours, then sits close to the skin, lasting about 5-7 plus hours.

That said:

This is a strong scent, so take it easy with the sprayer. 2 sprays MAX… and you’re set.

Side note: Bvlgari paid special attention to detail with the presentation. It comes in a beautiful heavy matt black frosted glass bottle with contrasting rose gold details.

Also only the 60 ml and 100 ml bottles have a twist lock sprayer, which comes in handy for travelling.

Two thumbs up.

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#14 Azzaro Wanted By Night

a bottle of Azzaro Wanted By Night

A Sexy Sweet Spicy-Woody Scent

This is GREAT pick-up for date nights, nights out, clubbing, parties, etc…

Let’s just say it like it is…

Wanted By Night is a newer, bolder, richer and more complex (and better smelling) version of the original Azzaro Wanted.

What’s it smell like? I’m glad you asked…

Fruity Tobacco

Wanted By Night opens with a blast of fresh mandarin orange mixed with soft warm cinnamon and a sweet fruity tobacco vibe sitting in the background.

Sexy, Spicy, Sweet!

Now, as it starts to smooth out, the warm sweet cinnamon remains the prominent note with a fruity tobacco undertone… and is joined with hint of green and woody notes with whispers of incense.

Warm & Inviting

It’s playful, warm and inviting. This is true “player” stuff — people are drawn to it. HUGE compliment getter.


Wanted By Night is best worn in cool weather: fall and winter (cool spring nights).

And as the name suggests… this is more suited for nights (but can be worn in days). It has a youthful vibe but can be worn by any age (suggest 18-up).

When to wear?

Date Nights

Perfect for date nights, casual, bars, clubbing, parties, etc.. (but too playful for the office).

Wanted By Night is an EDP and projects about arm’s length for the first few hours, and leaves a gorgeous scent trail. It then sits closer to the skin and lasts about 6-8 plus hours.

Oh, and go easy with the sprayer!

2 sprays MAX and you’re golden (a few extra for clubbing) — works like gangbusters. 🙂

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#13 Guerlain L’Homme Ideal EDP

a bottle of Guerlain L'Homme Ideal EDP version

Sweet Cherry & Almond

Now, I should point something out:

This is the Eau de Parfum (EDP) version. There are currently 7 different versions of L’Homme Ideal …and they all smell and perform different. So choose wisely.

By the way, L’Homme Ideal is French and translates to The Ideal Man. A fitting name. 🙂 Let’s take a sniff…

Deliciously Fruity

L’Homme Ideal opens with a sweet fruity cherry almond vibe, mixed with a hint of spices and bergamot citrus.


Now, as it starts to smooth out, some creamy vanilla, tonka bean, and a leather accord join the party… along with some woods and whispers of smoky incense.

Everything is perfectly blended and balanced.

It’s sweet (not overly sweet), warm, slightly powdery and it smells DELICIOUS. Huge compliment getter.

Now, to be clear…

Sharply Dressed Guy

L’Homme Ideal is not a super masculine type scent, and is more suited for a mature 25-up well-groomed sharply dressed guy.

The beautiful part?

This is ultra versatile: suits just about any occasion in the fall/winter and cool spring nights (avoid in the high heat as it gets cloying).

All Occasions

Work, office, dates, dressed up, dressed down, special occasions, nights out, you name it…

L’Homme Ideal is a classy soft subtle fragrance that doesn’t scream out for attention. If you’re looking for a powerhouse, this is NOT it.

It projects about an arm’s length for 1-1.5 hours… then sits close to the skin, lasting about 5-7 hours.

Bottom line:

If you don’t want to smell like everyone else, try this.

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#12 Mugler A*Men Pure Havane

a bottle of Mugler A-Men Pure Havane

Pure Heaven!

A warm, dark, sweet cherry tobacco and honey scent. Awesome. 🙂

Now, to be clear:

If you don’t like sweet fragrances, this is not for you (it’s sweet but not overly sweet). Let me break it down for you…

Sweet Cherry Tobacco

Pure Havane opens with a blast of sweet cherry tobacco leaves mixed with honey. Nice!

Speaking off… if you enjoy tobacco accords, check our top tobacco colognes.

Now, as it dries down, the cherry vibe slowly fades into the background. The tobacco and honey are then joined with some vanilla, cacao and a hint of patchouli.

This adds an earthy bittersweet dark chocolate vibe …and it smells GORGEOUS!

Warm & Comforting

It’s dark, sweet, warm and comforting. Has a unique modern scent DNA that gets a lot of positive attention.

When to wear?

More suited for the mature 20-up crowd and best worn in the cold weather: fall/winter. Do not rock this in the summer heat as it gets overly sweet.


Great for everyday casual use, dates, nights out, bars, clubbing. I wouldn’t recommend this for the office (it’s too sweet and playful).

Pure Havane is an EDT concentration and projects just over arm’s length for the first few hours then sits close to the skin, lasting about 5 to 8 plus hours.

To be clear, if you’re looking for a projection monster, this is not it.

Side note: the bottle is inspired by a gentleman’s pocket flask and comes in a rubber casing (which is good for travel), with a glass star that reveals the juice inside.

The bad news… because of this rubber casing the sprayer is awkward to use. Crazy.


This has now, sadly, been discontinued, and some sellers are asking a heavy premium for it. Don’t pay it — it’s not worth it!

However, if you can find it hiding on a shelf in a store, grab it! Alternatively, there is an affordable scent called Insurrection II Wild by Reyane Tradition which smells very, very similar for a fraction of the cost.

Obviously, the quality is not as good as the Pure Havanne, but it’s MUCH more affordable and still smells great in the air.

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#11 Armani Code Profumo

a bottle of Armani Code Profumo

Sexy Sweet & Spicy

Armani Code Profumo is a newer, more modern, and longer lasting version of the original FiFi award winning Armani Code.

In fact:

The very same master perfumers who created the original Armani Code, Antoine Lie and Antoine Maisondieu, teamed up again… to create this darker, richer and slightly sweeter version. And they didn’t disappoint. 🙂

Now, to be clear:

If you don’t like sweet seductive fragrances, this is definitely NOT for you. Let’s take a closer look…

Fresh, Sweet & Fruity

Armani Code Profumo opens up with a fresh sweet fruity apple and orange vibe, mixed with a hint of spicy cardamom and nutmeg.


Now, as it settles on your skin, the sweetness mellows out and a tonka bean, amber and leather combo appear… which gives you a slightly powdery, warm sweet creamy root beer soda type vibe.

It’s sweet, sexy and sophisticated… and it smells AMAZING.

This is a fragrance that will get you noticed. Brutal compliment getter.

Cuts Through The Cold

Armani Code Profumo is perfect for the fall and winter — it cuts through the cold winter air and leaves a gorgeous scent trail.

Perfect for Dates

Suitable for any age (but has a youthful vibe to it). Perfect for dates, casual, nights out, parties, bars, clubbing… You get the idea 🙂

I wouldn’t recommend this for work/office as it’s too sweet and sexy.

And the good news:

Super Long Lasting

This is SUPER long lasting. Armani Code Profumo is an EDP and projects up to 6 feet for the first few hours… then sits closer to the skin, lasting an impressive 7-10 plus hours. Great!

Now, a quick word of warning:

Do not overspray this one. Less is definitely more. 1-2 sprays MAX and you’re ready to rock (maybe an extra spritz for clubbing).

Bottom line:

If you loved the original Armani Code, this is a no brainer.

Update: This has, sadly, been discontinued — so grab it while you still can. But please, my friend, do NOT pay any inflated price for it. I’ve seen some people asking silly money for it. Don’t do it!

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#10 Prada L’homme Intense

a bottle of Prada L'homme Intense

Enriched Version

In a nutshell:

Prada L’homme Intense is a newer, darker, enriched version of the amazing original Prada L’homme EDT. So no surprise this also ended up on our best prada colognes list.

To be honest…

They smell slightly similar but L’homme Prada Intense is darker (longer lasting) and more cold weather/night-time appropriate, with added notes of leather, patchouli and tonka bean.

Let me break it down for you:


Prada L’homme Intense opens with a clean fresh soapy iris vibe mixed with some leather and a hint of tonka bean sweetness.

By the way, iris has a slightly lipsticky smelling vibe (like the smell of the inside of a cosmetic bag). It gives off a luxury soapy clean fresh smell.


When you first spray it on it can be quite harsh, so give it time to settle…


Now, as it starts to dry down, some patchouli and woods start to morph in and it gets darker, richer and smoother.

The end result?

You get a dark, rich, slightly sweet, slightly powdery, leathery clean soapy scent.

And it smells super luxurious.

Sharply Dressed

Now, to be clear, this is a modern sophisticated scent, so more suited to a 25-up well-groomed, sharply dressed, metrosexual type man.


Best used in the fall, winter and cool spring nights for formal dressed up occasions: the office, special occasions, black tie events, date nights, nights out, etc..

A quick word of warning:

Be careful not to overspray (less is more) and avoid using in the high heat as it can get cloying. (Better to use the original fresher brighter Prada L’Homme in the spring/summer.)

Prada L’homme Intense is an EDP and projects about an arm’s length for the first few hours, then starts to sit close to the skin, lasting about 6-8 plus hours.

Update: This has, sadly, been discontinued. As a result, the price has been jacked-up so I do NOT recommend you pay silly money. Try to find this at a local store hiding on the shelf.

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#9 Valentino Uomo Intense

a bottle of Valentino Uomo Intense

A Modern Sweet Sexy Scent

Does this live up to the hype?

Let’s find out…

Uomo Intense opens up with a blast of sweet iris mixed with a hint of mandarin orange.

The iris gives it a slightly powdery lipstick smelling vibe (like the smell of the inside of a lady’s makeup bag).

Now, as it starts to dry down… the mandarin orange and iris start to fade into the background… and a leather/vanilla/tonka bean combo take over — giving it a sweet leathery creamy delicious orangey chocolate vibe (sweet but not overly sweet).

Does it smell sexy?

Heck yeah! 🙂

Modern & Sophisticated

It’s modern, sophisticated and screams quality. Massive compliment getter… people will want to know what you’re wearing.

Now, let me be clear about something:

This has a modern type of scent DNA, more suited for the confident well-dressed 20-up crowd. This is not a super masculine man’s man type of scent.

Perfect for the fall/winter (and cool spring nights).

Special Occasions

And more suited for night time use: dates, special occasions, formal, upscale events, nights out, clubbing.

That said: You could wear this in the office… if you go easy with the trigger (1 spray), but you might cause some unwanted (or wanted) attention from the opposite sex. 🙂

The beautiful part?

Gorgeous Scent Trail

Uomo Intense is an EDP and jumps off your skin for the first few hours (not a room filler — it projects just over arm’s length) leaving a gorgeous scent trail. It then sits closer to the skin lasting about 6-9 plus hours.

Now, a quick heads-up:

Don’t overspray this one, less- is-more. 1-3 sprays MAX …and you’re done.

Bottom line:

One of the sexiest men’s colognes on the market (bonus:the studded bottle looks awesome.)

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#8 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Grand Soir

a bottle of MFK Maison Francis Kurkdjian Grand Soir

An Upscale Amber & Vanilla Scent

First off…

In case you don’t know… In fragrances, the term Amber is used to describe a scent that is sweet, warm, resinous, and honey-like. (The Amber accord is created by blending various natural resins/aroma molecules.)


Maison Francis Kurkdjian are a French luxury niche perfume house, co-founded by the world renowned master perfumer himself — Francis Kurkdjian.

In short:

Francis Kurkdjian is one of the best perfumers in the game — so you can be sure you’re in good hands. 🙂

'Perfume as a work of art is a transmitted expression on intimacy.’ — Francis KurkdjianClick To Tweet

Anyway… Let me break it down for you:

Smooth, Sweet & Warm

MFK Grand Soir starts off with a slightly sweet, warm amber accord mixed with soft resinous labdanum… with hints of spices in the background.

You get a gorgeous buttery smooth sweet warm spicy honey-like vibe. But it gets even better… 🙂

Now, as it starts to dry down… it morphs beautifully with some creamy vanilla, powdery tonka bean and a hint of benzoin.


This gives it an inviting rich warm soft sweet powdery vibe… and it smells DIVINE. 🙂

All the notes are perfectly balanced and it never becomes overly sweet. It oozes class and sophistication.

This separates the wannabes from the world-class. 🙂 But comes with a price to match.

The beautiful part:

Grand Soir is unisex so you can share it with your significant other — so both of you can smell amazing. Bonus.

Now, this is more suited for the sophisticated mature 25-up crowd and perfect for the fall/winter (and cool spring nights).

Super Versatile

You can wear this for just about ANY occasion: dressed up, dressed down, days or nights , work, office.

But… Where it truly shines is for dates, special occasions, upscale events, nights out (however, it doesn’t have the projection power for clubbing).

Now, to be clear:


This is a subtle scent that doesn’t scream out for attention. If you’re looking for a projection monster — you WILL be disappointed. (If you want a powerhouse from MFK, check out the amazing Oud Satin Mood.)

Grand Soir is an EDP and projects about 2-3 feet for the first few hours… then sits closer to the skin giving off nice wafts. But lasts an impressive 6-10 plus hours.

Bottom line:

If you love amber scents, don’t sleep on Grand Soir.

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#7 Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club

a bottle of Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club

Boozy Rum & Sweet Tobacco

Here’s the deal:

Jazz Club is part of Maison Margiela’s Replica line. Now, the fragrances in this line have quite an interesting and unique concept. Listen to this…

Each fragrance in the Replica line is supposed to replicate a familiar scent (not another cologne) or a moment from a certain location and time period.


They have scents named: By the Fireplace, Under the Lemon Tree, At the Barbers, to name but a few…

Pretty cool right?

Needless to say, Jazz Club is supposed to evoke the ambience of a Jazz Club (in Brooklyn)… With smells of heady cocktails and cigars! Does it deliver on its promise?

Let’s find out…

Sweet Rum

Jazz Club opens with a splash of sweet boozy Caribbean rum mixed with warm vanilla and a hint of bright fresh peppery citruses.

You get a gorgeous warm sweet boozy tropical coconut vibe.

Nice. 🙂

Now, as it settles… the citruses fade and are replaced with a hint of tobacco leaves, a touch of vetiver and a soft woody note in the background.

Rich, Warm & Sweet

It’s rich, warm, sweet, boozy and slightly smoky.

In a word: INTOXICATING (and is a big-time compliment getter).

Ain’t complaining. 🙂


Jazz Club is more suited for the mature 20-up crowd, and best worn in only cool weather: fall/winter (and cool spring nights).

When to wear?

Dressed-up Dressed-down

Days/nights (more suited for nights), dressed up, dressed down, casual, date nights, special occasions, nights out, bars, lounges, clubs.

Now, to be clear:

This is not a projection monster.


Jazz Club is an EDT and projects about an arm’s length for the first 2 hours, then sits very close to the skin (making it a GREAT date scent), lasting about 5-8 plus hours.

So if you’re looking for a room filler, this is NOT it.

That said, be careful not to overspray as it will get overwhelming.

1-3 sprays MAX…and you’re set (go heavier for nights out).🙂

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#6 Yves Saint Laurent – La Nuit De L’Homme (EDT Version)

a bottle of Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme EDT

A Seductive Date Night Scent

First things first…

To be clear, this is the original (and best smelling) Eau De Toilette version.


Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’Homme is legendary in the fragrance community and has been around for almost a decade now. But even today, it is still one of YSL’s best-selling colognes, and for good reason!

By the way, La Nuit De L’Homme is French and translates to The Night of the Man… A very fitting name. 🙂

Let’s break it down…

Sweet & Spicy

La Nuit De L’Homme opens with a blast of sweet spicy cardamom mixed with lavender and a hint of bergamot freshness.

Now, as it starts to dry down… the bergamot fades into the background and the spicy sweet cardamom and fresh lavender are joined with a hint of woods.

The result?

You get a soft sweet woody-pine vibe mixed with some powdery chocolate and it smells AMAZING.

Warm & Seductive

It’s warm, sweet (but not overly sweet) and seductive. People will want to know what you’re wearing – an immense compliment getter.

Now, I should point something out:

This is not a man’s man super masculine type of cologne. This has a modern type of scent DNA, more suited for the confident well-dressed 20-up crowd.

Perfect for Date Nights

Best worn only in the cooler weather: fall/winter (and cool spring nights). Tip: Do not rock this in the high-summer heat as it becomes sickly sweet and powdery — trust me.

This is more of a night time scent (but can be worn in the daytime), and is perfect for formal, casual, bars, clubbing, parties, date nights, romantic settings, close encounters… You get the idea. 🙂

Now, to be perfectly clear:


La Nuit De L’Homme is an intimate scent that sits close to the skin and draws people in. If you’re looking for a room-filler, this is NOT it.

This is an EDT and projects about an arm’s length for about 1.5-2 hours, then sits close to the skin… and eventually becomes a skin scent (which can be a good thing).


Depending on your skin chemistry and the temperature — lasts anywhere from 4-8 plus hours.

Bottom line:

Still one of the best date night fragrances on the market. Period.

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#5 Paco Rabanne 1 Million Elixir

a bottle of paco rabanne 1 million elixir

Want Compliments?

You want more compliments, right? …I have the answer:

Simply spritz yourself with a few sprays of Paco Rabanne’s new 1 Million Elixir… and let the compliments roll in thick and heavy. I kid you not — this fragrance delivers.

However, I want to be abundantly clear:

This is NOT a good fit for everyone… as this is a deliciously sweet, youthful scent with a playful edge to it. So…

If you don’t enjoy these types of flamboyant, sweet crowd-pleasing scents, run for the hills. Please heed this advice. But if that’s your thing, read on…

(Admittedly, this is one of my guilty pleasures in that genre.)

Now, in case you’re unaware, this is the newest release from Paco Rabanne’s HUGELY successful 1 Million collection — that needs no introduction (the success of the collection speaks for itself).

And unsurprisingly, this is their current best seller on their website. Anyway, enough chit-chat…


Let’s just say it as it is…

This new One Million Elixir takes the heralded original EDT version and improves on it — making it more modern and slightly more mature.

To be clear, they smell different, so it’s not redundant to own both. That said, this new version still retains hints of the original 1 million’s DNA to keep it familiar to the collection.

Therefore, if you loved the OG, but you’re craving for something more modern and mature — then this is a no brainer. But…

On the flip side, if you hated the original — don’t write this off, as you may be pleasantly surprised! Anyway…

Let me tell you how it smells:

Yummy Sweetness

1 Million Elixir opens with a heavy hit of fruity, vanilla sweetness — the sweetness is turned up to 11! However…

After a few minutes, the sweetness starts to mellow out… and a caramelized apple shines through with a kiss of rosy sweetness and a slight green undertone. Yummy!

And as it plays out, the sweetness becomes slightly powdery, and some soft woods appear underneath to make it a touch more masculine.

Does it smell sexy?

Absolutely. It’s sweet, playful, and attention-grabbing.

And as you probably know… the thing about sweet vanilla scents… woman LOVE them, right?

Now, I should point something out:


This is not a super masculine type of cologne — I would say it’s unisex (leaning ever so slightly masculine).

In fact, some of the women we showed it to, said they loved it — so much so that they would wear it themselves. So please keep this in mind.

Also note, because of its playful nature, this will appeal more to the younger crowd (sub 35). But wear what you like, right?

Now, when it comes to seasons:

Because of its sweetness, I recommend for fall and winter use — only. Rocking this in a heatwave would be a big mistake. Big, big, BIG mistake.

Plays Hard

You know the drill:

The OG has a proven track record for being a killer clubbing scent, as well as for date nights, parties, going out, casual use… and this is no different. It does the job and does it well.

Maybe a bit too sweet and sexy for professional office situations, though.

Now, Paco Rabanne have labelled this is a Parfum Intense, and you’ll be happy to know, I can report this has no troubles in the performance department.

On first spray, this is LOUD and projects quite strongly for up to 2-3 hours — radiating about 2-3 feet off your skin. (If you overspray, this has the potential to fill up a room!)


After that, though, it quietens down nicely — and when people catch a whiff it leaves them craving for more. Does it last?

Yup! 2-5 sprays (depending on the situation) should get you around 6-8 plus hours. Not too shabby.

And, as the others in the collection, One Million Elixir also comes in the iconic gold colored bottle that is designed to look like a gold bullion bar. Tacky? You decide.

Anyway, it’s what’s inside that counts, right? And…

While your competition is still rocking the old original (played out) version… you can easily steal their thunder by simply wearing this new, modern version.

It’s like a cheat code. 🙂

Check Price at Amazon

#4 Emporio Armani Stronger With You

a bottle of Emporio Armani Stronger With You

A Dark Sweet Nutty-Woody Scent

I’ll be straight with you…

Is this a ground-breaking super unique complex scent? No.

But… Does it smell DELICIOUS and sexy and get you a TON of compliments?

Heck yeah! 🙂

Now to be clear, if you don’t like sweet fragrances, this is (definitely) NOT for you. But if that’s your thing, read on…

Let’s break it down:

Fresh Fruity Sweetness

Stronger With You opens with a blast of fresh fruity sweetness… mixed with spicy cardamom, pink pepper, and has a herbal green minty vibe sitting in the background.

Now, as it dries down, the sweetness quickly mellows out, and the fragrance gets darker, warmer and smoother.

Eventually… you get a warm creamy vanilla mixed with spicy cardamom… paired with a gorgeous sweet roasted chestnut woody vibe sitting in the background.

Very, very nice.


It’s dark, sweet, warm and inviting.

Best suited for the 18-up crowd (has a youthful vibe) and worn in cool weather: fall/winter (cool spring nights). Avoid wearing this in the high-summer heat, or you will regret it.

When to wear?

Perfect for nights out, clubbing, bars, parties, casual, date nights, romantic evenings, close encounters — you get the idea. 🙂

However, this is a bit too sweet and playful for the office.

Gorgeous Scent Trail

Now, Stronger With You is an EDT and projects just over arm’s length for the first few hours (leaves a gorgeous scent trail), then sits closer to the skin, lasting around 6-8 plus hours.

Bottom line:

If you’re looking for a sweet sexy going out, date night type scent, don’t sleep on this.

Works like a charm. 🙂

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#3 Dolce & Gabbana The One EDP

a bottle of Dolce & Gabbana The One EDP

A Soft Warm Inviting Sexy Scent

No best men’s winter cologne list would be complete without D&G The One Eau de Parfum. 🙂

In case you don’t know…

D&G The One EDP is a newer enhanced version of the universally loved original The One EDT (Eau de Toilette).

So if you’re on the “fence” between the EDT or EDP — just get this.

New & Improved

In fact, this newer EDP version still has the DNA from the original EDT, but it’s deeper, richer, smoother, creamier and slightly sweeter (and also longer lasting).

Can you say jackpot? 🙂

To be clear, they do smell very similar, so this might be redundant if you already own the original. But, if you loved the original and don’t have it anymore, then this is a no brainer.

By the way…

This masterpiece was created by superstar perfumer Oliver Polge, who is now currently the head perfumer at Chanel.

'Fragrance expresses something personal, something intimate, and by that, it becomes an instrument of seduction.’ — Olivier PolgeClick To Tweet

Let’s break it down…

Fresh, Sweet & Spicy

The One EDP opens up sweet spicy and citrusy fresh with a burst of fruity grapefruit mixed with a hint of ginger.

As it dries down… some pipe tobacco and warm sweet amber join the party… along with whispers of spicy cardamom and a hint of woods in the background.

Warm & Sexy

It’s warm, sweet, sexy and it smells AMAZING. Be prepared for compliments. 🙂

The good news:

This is super versatile… you can rock this in just about any situation in the fall/winter (and cool spring nights). But avoid wearing in the summer heat.

And more suited to the mature 20-up crowd: Work, office, casual, formal, nights out (but it’s not strong enough for the club).

But… where it truly shines is for date nights, romantic settings… You get the idea. 🙂

Now, to be perfectly clear…


The One EDP is a soft subtle intimate scent that doesn’t shout out for attention. If you’re looking for a projection monster, this is NOT it.

It projects about arm’s length for the first few hours then sits VERY close to the skin and draws people in.

How long does it last?

Performance is not the greatest. We got a mixed bag of 4-7 hours of lasting power. But this smells insanely good — we didn’t mind. So please keep this in mind.

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#2 Dior Sauvage Elixir

a bottle of dior sauvage elixir

Works Like a Charm

The name on the bottle says it all…

Elixir (noun): A liquid or potion considered to have magical powers.

What an apt name.

Well, it ain’t magic, but it supercharges your confidence because it works like a charm for pulling compliments… and I mean… a LOT of them.

Plus, it’s also the type of fragrance more and more women are demanding men wear.

(OK, so maybe not the last bit.) 🙂

Seriously though, this is crushing it right now. In fact, Elixir has just won a Reader’s Fragrantica award… and not to mention… The Fragrance Foundation UK award for People’s Choice. These are like the Oscars of the fragrance world.

Not surprised — as this is wicked-good.

(In case you can’t tell… I love this.)

An Unfair Advantage?

You see, Dior seem to have “cracked the code” with their Sauvage line-up — when it comes to high-quality, mass-appealing, long-lasting scents. It’s like they almost give you an “unfair advantage.”

Obviously, the success of the collection speaks for itself.

Now, in case you’re not familiar with the Sauvage line-up, it currently consists of the original Sauvage Eau de Toilette version as well as 3 flankers. Flankers?

Sauvage Flankers

In the fragrance world, a “flanker” is simply a different smelling version (and/or concentration) of the first original release in the collection. Usually, the flanker will smell fairly similar to the original.

This is equivalent to a sequel of a movie. And as you know, some sequels are better than the original, right? (Spoiler alert: this one is!) Anyway…

These 3 flankers are… an Eau de Parfum version, a Parfum version, and now, this new highly concentrated Elixir. (Yes, these naming conventions are getting out of hand lol.) By the way…

Dior’s Master Perfumer

They were all composed using top-notch ingredients, and blended by the same world-renowned master perfumer, Francois Demachy. So you’re in good hands.

Now, Elixir is the newest, darkest, and most sophisticated of the bunch. It’s also the most expensive (but worth it — more on that later). But here’s the thing…

Sauvage Elixir doesn’t smell very Sauvage-y. What do I mean by that?

Well, the previous flankers all stay true to the original’s familiar DNA — that attention-grabbing, sweet, spicy-peppery metallic freshness. However, Elixir is dramatically different from them — in a good way!

In fact, Elixir has its own personality… sort of like a more polished, grown-up Sauvage. Smells to me like Dior has made a version for every age demographic.

Unique & Sophisticated

To be honest, it’s so distinctive they could have just released this on its own (not even part of the Sauvage collection), and simply called it Dior Elixir.

Therefore, if you didn’t like the original and/or the other flankers in the collection, you should not skip this… expecting Elixir to be similar to them. Far from it.

And to be crystal clear:

Elixir is definitely aimed at the more mature, sophisticated guy; this is grown-man’s stuff — If you’re a younger guy (under 30), I don’t think you will appreciate it. So…

My suggestion, if you are under 30… and want a Sauvage that’s more youthful and versatile… that will also get you over-the-top compliments, then I would highly recommend either the original EDT version or EDP version. Both are A-list and get our stamp of approval.

Mature Sharply Dressed Guys

But, if you’re a mature, sharply dressed guy — this is a MUST smell.

And, of course, that’s not to say if you’re an older guy, that you won’t love the EDT or EDP releases. To each their own, I say.

Also note, because Elixir is so different, it’s not redundant to have both the original EDT/EDP versions AND the Elixir in your arsenal. Double win!

With all that said:

Elixir still does, however, have a slight hint of the original Sauvage DNA, which you can detect hiding in the background… but only hours after application. You’re probably wondering…

What does it smell like? I thought you’d never ask!

What Does Dior Sauvage Elixir Smell Like?

Put simply, Sauvage Elixir smells dark, rich, warm, and spicy… with a medley of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom… which are sitting on an addictive combination of lavender and sweet creamy licorice — with some underlying woods. Very smooth. Very classy. Very mature.

But hark unto me, my friend, because this is important:

Please do not judge this scent based off the first spray because, to my nose, the opening is not the greatest. But trust me, the longer it’s on your skin, the better it gets because…

After you spray it on your skin, it transforms like a slow ripening fruit… into an alluring, dark, rich, spicy-sweet, “almost magic” potion. Watch heads turn.


Also note, this is the type of scent that smells much, MUCH better in the air than it does if you smell it right up close on your skin as it is quite potent.

Final note, a tester strip does NOT do this justice… as you don’t get the full depth of the fragrance — try it on your skin.

So please keep all these in mind.

And to be brutally honest, Elixir was NOT a love at first sniff for me — but now I love it! You appreciate it more and more each time you wear it.

Let me give you a quick more in-depth breakdown:

The opening is strong, and the second it hits your skin… it’s dark, warm, and spicy (a medley of nutmeg, cinnamon, and a pinch of cardamom) — with a splash of citrus to help liven it up.

And underneath the layers of spices are some herbal lavender and a nice captivating sweetness.

And it’s worth repeating, please don’t judge the scent yet as this initial opening is slightly aggressive. Yes, it may be a bit “hair raising” at first… but as it dries down, it gets WAY more appealing. Stay with me…

Captivating Licorice Sweetness

The citrus quickly fades, and as Elixir slowly unfolds, a dark creamy sweet licorice accord creeps in followed by some smooth woods. (It’s sweet, but it’s not an immature bubblegum type sweetness.) Also, I pick-up some faint woody pine.

Next, the lavender starts to sing and morphs with the licorice, and they both take center stage, smoothing out the spices. This creates a masculine, traditional barbershop-like scent feel — which lends a touch of class and sophistication.

However, the scent does not feel dated — just mature, manly, and very, very classy. it’s like a mash-up of old-school and modern.

(Interestingly, some people say this reminds them of hints from Guy Laroche’s Drakkar Noir — a scent from the 80s. I can see that, sort of… But this is way WAY different.)

A Touch of Class

And finally, as it hits the drydown, you get a nice warm woody amber base with hints of patchouli and vetiver to give it some depth.

And it’s here when you can detect the original Sauvage DNA weaving through the scent.

All in all, a warm, friendly, dark, spicy, woody scent with a captivating licorice sweetness that draws people in.

And that, my friend, is Sauvage Elixir.

Which leads us to…

When to Wear?

When it comes to useability, not only does Sauvage Elixir work like gangbusters in the winter but also in the fall (and cool, cool spring nights). It ploughs through the cold air.

Needless to say, the summer is a BIG no-no — it’s simply too dark and powerful for high-heat. I learned this (the hard way).


As I said earlier, because of its mature, masculine scent profile, this is more geared towards mature, sharply dressed guys who are 30-up (or late 20s). Trust me.

(To keep it simple: Just stick with the EDT or EDP if you’re under 30. And the EDT version for all ages for the summer.)

When You Want to Impress

Equally important:

Because this is so dark, rich, and classy, it’s more suited for formal dressed-up occasions.

Particularly for: date nights, nights out, the club, special occasions… or whenever you want to impress. This is where it shines, as it’s not an everyday casual type of scent.

In fact, it pairs PERFECT with a nice suit and tie.

Nevertheless, you can wear this whenever you want! But my advice, if you wear this to the office/work, just go with 1 (or half) a spray under your shirt. Here’s why…

Now, pay attention, my friend:

Dior Sauvage Elixir is a highly concentrated parfum, so you need to be careful with the sprayer because its performance is flat out insane. A little goes a loooooooong way.

Performs Like a Champ

On first spray, this can radiate off your skin for up to 6 ft… for up to 2 hours.

It then slowly recedes and creates an alluring scent cloud around you… which leaves a head-turning scent trail behind you. And it’s for this reason…

That this fragrance is almost certain to generate TONS of compliments! I won’t lie, I enjoyed all the attention. Even better…

In test after test, this lasted an impressive 8-12 hours plus (on skin!). Every. Single. Time. So hat tip to Dior for that.

Key takeaway: stick with 1-2 sprays MAX… and you’re good to go.

Hold your horses – I almost forgot…

Did I mention the bottle is awesome? I didn’t?

Precious Deep Blue Bottle

Ah… Well… because Elixir is the newest and the premium of the collection, it also comes in a more premium looking bottle and box than the others (so it should).🙂

The box opens up to showcase the precious bottle sitting in a podium.

a bottle of dior sauvage elixir sitting in its podium pictured next to its open box, depicted in a winter snowy background.
Sauvage Elixir comes in a gorgeous deep blue precious looking bottle… topped off with a magnetic cap and Dior’s high-quality atomizer.

Now, although the bottle can appear black, it’s actually a gorgeous deep blue color (and is see-through). And is topped with a classy black magnetic cap with the Christian Dior CD logo engraved on the top.

Furthermore, the base of the bottle is concave (like the bottom of a wine bottle) and is also engraved with Dior’s CD logo.

Additionally, the Dior Bee is embossed in the inside base of the magnetic cap (and the base of the podium). All nice attention to detail.

a close up of the dior cd logo engraved on the concave base of a dior sauvage elixir bottle, and also the dior bee logo inside of the cap, both depicted in a winter snowy background.
The bottom of the bottle is concave and is engraved with Dior’s CD logo. Also, the Dior Bee logo can be seen engraved in the inside base of the cap.

And, as an added bonus, the bottle is fitted with Dior’s premium atomizer which gives you a perfect fine mist of fragrance — this gives you control of the amount of juice you desire. Nice touch. (It, too, has the CD logo engraved on the top.)

(FYI for the Frag-headz: the batch code is etched on the bottom rim of the bottle, which should match up to the one printed on the bottom of the box.)

BIG-time warning, however:

Something to Watch Out For

Just a quick heads-up, when you open your new box, be VERY careful. Why?

Because if you open the box by lifting the top part of the box whilst pulling on the base at the same time, the bottle has a high chance of falling out and hitting the floor. Ouch.

Trust me, it’s much safer to place the box on a flat surface, and then lift the top part of the box up, to reveal the bottle sitting safely in its pedestal.

You’re welcome. 🙂

Now, before you get too excited… here is the downside:

As I said earlier, this is the newest and most expensive in the collection — it’s not exactly a fortune… and yet, it’s not cheap, either. So…

After you recover from your mild case of “sticker shock,” try to remember that this is a premium, highly concentrated composition — which you only need to use a small amount of per wearing (only 1-2 sprays could last you the whole day).

A Little Goes a Loooong Way

Therefore, if you factor in its lasting strength Vs the price-per-spray… and compare that to other scents that you may have to spray 4-5 times to get the same effect (and they may only last half the time) — the price seems justifiable. Makes sense, right?

Plus, you get the bragging rights of a Dior scent.

Bottom line:

If you’re over 30, stylish, and looking to level-up your fragrance game, then Sauvage Elixir could be EXACTLY what you’re looking for. There’s a LOT to like.

Use it wisely. 🙂

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#1 V&R Spicebomb Extreme

a bottle of V&R Spicebomb Extreme

Spicy Sweet!

V&R Spicebomb Extreme is a newer version of the already amazing original Spicebomb EDT. In fact, it takes the EDT and improves on it every possible way.

Let’s break it down…

Spicebomb vs Spicebomb Extreme

Despite the name, Spicebomb Extreme is a less aggressive version of Spicebomb with an added touch of vanilla sweetness.

It’s darker, richer, more sophisticated and longer lasting (and smells better).

Can you say jackpot? 🙂


Just as the name on the tin says, Spicebomb Extreme opens with a blast of spices, namely black pepper with hints of cinnamon.

However, the dry down is where the magic is…

Now as it starts to settle down, the spices are joined with some vanilla and a sweet pipe tobacco vibe along with whispers of saffron.

This smooths the fragrance out, giving it the perfect balance of sweetness and spices.

Sexy, Warm & Inviting

It’s sexy, warming, inviting and garners lots and lots and LOTS of compliments. Not gonna complain. 🙂


Spicebomb Extreme is more sophisticated and mature smelling than the original Spicebomb, so it’s better suited for the 20-up crowd.

And works great for any occasion days/nights (although I wouldn’t recommend this for the workplace). Perfect for dates, romantic settings, casual, nights out, clubbing.

How about performance?

Performs Like a Champ

This performs amazing in the cold weather: fall/winter. Do not rock this in warm weather as it quickly becomes overly sweet and cloying.

Spicebomb Extreme is an EDP and projects up to 6 feet for the first 2-3 hours, so be careful with the sprayer. 1-3 sprays MAX.

The scent then sits closer to your skin, creating a nice scent bubble… lasting around 6-9 plus hours.

Two thumbs up. 🙂

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What Cologne is Good for Cold Weather?

A good cold weather fragrance should be stronger, darker, sweeter, and thicker than a typical fresh spring/summer counterpart. Why?

Because when the temperature drops, your lighter, fresher scents will NOT perform in cold weather.

In other words:

No one will be able to smell you. Plus — they don’t last long. This sucks, right? So…

Just as you would start to wear warmer, thicker clothes when the temperature drops, simply start using warmer thicker fragrances.

man in a snowy scene wearing a jacket, depicted with 6 cold weather fragrances.
When the temperature drops, it’s time to start using warmer, thicker scents.

Warmer Notes

For example, start wearing compositions which contain notes such as: Tobacco, leather, boozy accords, spices, resins, dark woods, Oud. Because these cut through the cold air.

Furthermore, these notes can be blended to make more interesting, complex fragrances that generally last MUCH longer. Great.

Now, a quick word of advice:

Do not rock these in the summer heat (unless you’re in a temperature controlled environment), as they will get super cloying and project like crazy. Avoid this rookie mistake.

You don’t want to be “that guy.” 🙂

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