Top 10 Best Acqua di Parma Cologne for Men

Tried, Tested & Ranked!

By BeautypertMay 22, 2023

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5 different Acqua Di Parma cologne bottles lined-up against a yellow background.

Do you want to know which Acqua di Parma is best? If so, read on…

Because we rolled up our sleeves and did all the heavy lifting for you.

First, we excluded any of their limited edition releases, plus 5 from their Note di Colonia collection — as they are exclusive and hard to find.

Then, we spent weeks evaluating and testing all 28 of their fragrances currently available  — from 4 different collections.

And finally, we whittled them down to 10 of the best, plus 3 honorable mentions you should be aware of.

So if you want to know:

  • How they smell
  • How long they last
  • Which one is suited for you
  • What season/occasion to wear them
  • Lots more

Then let’s dive right in.

In a hurry?

Our Top 3 Picks:

#10 Colonia Futura

A bottle of Acqua Di Parma Colonia Futura.

Fresh, Citrusy & Herbaceous

Just a quick heads-up:

If you are familiar with the other scents in the ADP Colonia Collection, just note that Futura takes a different direction from them…

Futura is still citrusy, but it’s also green and herbaceous. And in addition, it has a woody vetiver note.

So if you like citrusy green herbal scents, read on…


Futura starts off fresh and zesty…

With an uplifting burst of juicy citruses (lemon-bergamot-grapefruit), mixed with some green herbal notes and a pinch of spicy pepper.

The grapefruit gives the opening a slight bitterness. And…

As it starts to settle, the citruses take a step back, and lavender and clary sage step up… and the scent becomes greener and more herbaceous.

And as the scent develops, it gets deeper, as vetiver creeps in… and gives it a green, earthy, woody backbone.

Speaking of… if you enjoy vetiver, make sure you check out our top rated vetiver fragrances.

99% Natural Ingredients

And hats off to Acqua di Parma:

It smells EXTREMELY natural. Which came as no surprise because ADP claim to have used 99% natural ingredients in Futura.

That’s pretty natural, right? 🙂 And what’s more…

The brand also used eco-friendly packaging, as a commitment to their environmental policy. Kudos. 💚

Now to be clear:

This is NOT for the young guys; this is grown man’s stuff!

Mature Gentleman

In fact, this is more suited for a mature sophisticated well-groomed gentleman (suggest 30-up): For both formal and casual situations.

And the best part:

You can wear this all year… because the vetiver gives it some complexity and depth for those colder days.

However, to be honest, it does shine in the spring and summer.


Futura is Eau de Cologne concentrated, and for the first few hours, it projects off the skin about an arm’s length.

Then it becomes more subtle and gentlemanly ­— sitting close to the wearer… Not wanting to invade anyone’s space.

And depending on the temperature, it lasts ballpark: 5-7 plus hours.

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#9 Blu Mediterraneo – Bergamotto di Calabria

A bottle of Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto di Calabria.

Does What it Says

Spoiler alert… Bergamotto di Calabria is just like it sounds:

A bergamot focused fragrance. You see…

Bergamotto di Calabria translates to Bergamot of Calabria. Calabria is a coastal region in southern Italy.

Ok so what the heck does Calabria have to do with bergamots?

A lot.

In fact, 80–90% of the world’s bergamot are grown in Calabria. And what’s more… Acqua di Parma have their own special crop there. A premium crop, of course.

Premium Quality

Oh, and in case you’re wondering… bergamot is a citrus fruit (thought to be a hybrid between a lemon & a bitter orange).

A close-up of 2 bergamot citrus fruits on a tree in Calabria.
Bergamots on a tree. ADP have their own special crop in Calabria.

It has a bitter-citrusy, fruity-tart smell with some light spicy facets. And its oil is one of the most commonly used ingredients in fragrances. But here’s the thing…

Usually it only plays a small supporting role in a typical scent. But in contrast, with Bergamotto di Calabria — it’s quite the opposite.

The bergamot is the star of the show, having other ingredients support it. So if you love that fresh uplifting smell of bergamot, read on…


This has a captivating opening…

Right off the bat, you’re treated to a HUGE burst of sparkling zingy citruses (bergamot, of course, backed-up with citron). And these are mixed with a fresh pinch of ginger.

And as it softens, it receives a kiss of sweetness, making it smell almost like a cold fizzy lemonade with some fresh lime squeezed in it.

Mouth-Watering 🍋🤤

Then finally, as it starts to dry-down, a faint touch of woody, green vetiver comes to support it, joined with a hint of clean white musk.

By the way, this is an Acqua di Parma best seller in their Blu Mediterraneo collection, alongside one named Fico di Amalfi (which is a juicy fig themed scent).

A bottle of Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto di Calabria sitting amongst a pile of ripe bergamot citrus fruits.

So there we have it.

It’s simple and delivers what it promised. All whilst smelling extremely natural.

Who’s it for?

Anyone. Everyone. This is totally unisex and suitable for all ages (suggest 20-up). And is more of a casual spring/summer daytime scent. And a classy one at that.

Anyone. Everyone.

Perfect for refreshing you on those hot humid days. So a great choice for the poolside, the beach, vacations, etc. Or even the office, for that matter. Very flexible.

Now, I should point something out:

Because this is predominantly a citrus based scent, so by nature, it won’t be a big performer. I totally get it.

After all, this was designed to be a warm weather cologne. And to be honest, you don’t want to be wearing anything heavy on a hot humid day.

So to clarify, if you’re looking for an attention-grabber — you will be disappointed as this is light and refreshing.


Bergamotto di Calabria is an EDT; it’s light and projects very softly (within arm’s length) for up to 1.5 (maybe 2) hours.

It then dials back and hovers just above the skin… before eventually becoming a nice fresh, clean, skin scent. And…

Depending on your skin chemistry, temperature, etc., it could last anywhere from 2–6 plus hours. Frustrating, right?

That said, it smells so fresh, uplifting and natural — I don’t mind reapplying. 🙂

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#8 Blu Mediterraneo – Arancia di Capri

A bottle of Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Arancia di Capri.

 Fresh Juicy Orange

Do you love oranges? If so, read on…

Arancia di Capri = Orange of Capri.

And in case you don’t know, Capri is an Italian island in the Gulf of Naples, known for their citrus fruit trees. So no surprise here: (You guessed it)

This is an orange citrusy scent 🍊

More specifically, a bright, refreshing, juicy orange scent with a kiss of sweetness.

Let’s give it a quick spray…


Right off the bat… you get an enormous burst of juicy freshness: Orange mixed with mandarin and some other uplifting supporting citruses.

Does it smell natural?

I’d say so. Incredibly natural. In fact, it’s almost mouth-watering; it puts a smile on your face. 🙂

Now, when it settles, a faint green herbal undertone tip-toes in. And finally…

As it dries-down, the orange gets a kiss of warm caramel sweetness and clean white musk.

It’s simple, yet so beautiful.

A bottle of Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Arancia di Capri placed next to 3 ripe slices of orange fruit and some melting ice cubes, on a light blue background.
Mouth-watering freshness.

Beautifully Simple

When’s the best time to wear this?

Arancia di Capri screams spring & summer and more suited for casual daytime use. But you can wear this anytime you want to feel clean and refreshed.

In the office or sitting round the pool. And it shines on hot humid days; great for outdoors, vacations etc. And the good news…

This is unisex; so you can share it and is appropriate for any age (suggest 20-up). Just a heads-up though…

Performance is not the greatest. Because here’s why:

Arancia di Capri is a warm-weather citrus-based scent, which contains a LOT of high-quality natural ingredients. But here’s the thing…

Naturally Smelling

Citruses are volatile, so they are not super-long lasting (understandable). Unlike heavy-based winter colognes.

So please keep that in mind.

This comes in an EDT and projects softly (about arm’s length) for up to 1.5 hours. It then sits very close to the skin ­­— giving off gentle wafts when you move about. And also…

Lasting power will vary depending on your skin chemistry, the temperature, etc. Here’s what we found:

It was a mixed bag, anywhere from 2–6 plus hours. But here’s how you solve this…

Just refresh when needed. Sorted. 🙂

Orange lovers, don’t sleep on this.

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#7 Leather EDP

A bottle of Acqua Di Parma Leather.

Polished Gem

Ok guys, let’s just get straight into this because I want to knock this one out pretty quick:

Now, I could talk about this fragrance for a long time, and go into all sorts of details and facts about how it was created by one of the world’s most notable perfumers (Francois Demachy – currently at Dior)…

Or how it contains high-quality guaiac wood oil from the Palo Santo tree grown in Paraguay.

But it’s not useful and I don’t want to waste your time. So I’m just going to tell you what you need to know…

In a word: leather.

(But you already guessed that, right?)

More specifically, a high-quality, extremely realistic, luxurious leather smelling fragrance — with a hint of roselike sweetness and some other additional supporting notes.

Enough said, we can all go home. Goodbye. 🙂

On a serious note though, this is, hands-down, one of the best leather fragrances on the market.

Realistic Leather

So if you like leather, you’ll probably love it. If you don’t — stay WELL away.

Now, this one is part of the brand’s Signatures of the Sun collection (formerly called the Ingredients Collection). Anyway, let me tell you how it smells…

When you first spray this, you’re immediately greeted with a realistic leather accord… with a splash of orangey citruses and green notes on top.

To be honest, the opening is quite bold, but it quickly settles down into something much more enjoyable. Because…

Hint of Rosy Sweetness

As it starts to dry down, the leather is smoothed out by a soft roselike accord, mixed with a pinch of raspberry sweetness.

And finally, this all gets some added smoky woodiness (cedar & guaiac wood).

The end result?

A dry smoky-leathery woody scent, with a faint pinch of rosy sweetness and a hint of citrus.

It smells dark, rich and luxurious. Sophisticated stuff!

Dark, Rich & Luxurious

Now, ADP’s Leather is more suited for the mature 25-up crowd, for dressed-up special occasions, semi-formal wear, work/office (spray lightly), dates, nights out, etc…

And is more appropriate for cool weather use: spring, fall and winter. Tip: I would avoid wearing this one in the high summer heat.

And the beautiful part:

This comes in a stronger, longer lasting Eau de Parfum (EDP) concentration. So when you first spray it, it projects quite strongly for the first few hours (up to 6 ft).

Long Lasting

And then it slowly becomes more subtle and creates a nice scent bubble around you. Lasting power is around 5-9 plus hours. Thumbs-up.

So needless to say:

Don’t go crazy with the sprayer. 🙂 This is definitely a less-is-more type scent: 1–3 sprays MAX… and you’re set.

Bottom line:

If you love the smell of leather, don’t sleep on this.

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#6 Colonia Club

A bottle of Acqua Di Parma Colonia Club.

Fresh, Green & Minty

No surprise here:

Because the bottle is pretty much a dead giveaway for what’s inside of it. You guessed it… 🙂

A classy clean green fragrance.

In a nutshell, the brand’s classic Colonia DNA, gets a modern minty green twist. How does it smell? Let’s find out…

Right off the bat, you get an uplifting blast of citruses, mixed with neroli and a large helping of fresh mint.

Minty Twist

The mint smells incredibly natural; it’s just like freshly crushed mint leaves. And what’s more, this almost gives you a cooling like sensation on the skin.

Now, after a short while…

When the mint tones down, lavender creeps in and morphs with the citruses to add that classic floral clean soapy barbershop feeling — but with a nice minty twist.

It’s fresh. It’s citrusy. It’s green. And it’s minty!

And finally, vetiver steps up and sits in the background to add some green woodiness.

Are You in The Club?

Colonia Club is more suited for the mature (suggest: 25-up) sharply dressed crowd. And performs best in the spring, summer and fall.

Cold winters? Just spray more.

It’s GREAT for outdoor casual use. And just as good for the office. So pair it with a crisp polo shirt. Or even a stylish suit. It’s a complete package.

Nice Scent Bubble

This comes in an EDC concentration, and projects nicely for up to 3 hours — creating a nice scent bubble around you (approx. arm’s length).

It then becomes more subtle and sits closer to the skin giving off gentle wafts.

And, depending on the temperature, total lasting power is anywhere from 3­–8 plus hours.

Bottom line:

If you’re looking for a mature classy fresh clean scent, then I urge you to join the Club. 🙂

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#5 Blu Mediterraneo – Mandorlo di Sicilia

A bottle of Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Mandorlo di Sicilia.

Unique & Delicious

First things first:

Don’t let the eye-catching bottle confuse you. What do I mean by that? Well…

Since the bottle has a gorgeous Mediterranean blue color, you may be expecting (at least, I was) some sort of fresh-citrusy aquatic blue scent. Far from it. Because…

Mandorlo di Sicilia is sweet. Deliciously sweet.

Therefore it’s a BIG departure from the other options in the brand’s Blu Mediterraneo collection.

With that being said, if you understand Italian, you may have already guessed it’s some sort of almond scent. And you’d be right.

Because Mandorlo di Sicilia translates to Almond Trees of Sicily. And in a nutshell (no pun intended 🙂):

Mandorlo di Sicilia is a very natural smelling, sweet creamy vanilla and almond scent — with a pinch of citruses to help keep it fresh and airy.

And it smells delicious.

Almonds & Vanilla

So to clarify:

If you don’t like sweet scents, and/or you don’t like almonds, then this is (definitely) NOT for you. But if that’s your thing, read on…

Here’s a quick rundown:

Mandorlo di Sicilia starts off with a pinch of zesty orangey citruses, mixed with star anise and a dose of sweet nutty-almonds and vanilla. By the way…

Star anise is a spice obtained from an Asian star-shaped fruit, and has a licorice-like smell. But here’s the beautiful part…

This star anise combined with the citruses and vanilla/almond, give the opening a nice fizzy cream-soda like quality.

Sweet Creamy Root-Beer Float

In fact, a LOT of people in the fragrance community say it reminds them of a fizzy root-beer float. I kind of get that. 🙂


As it starts to dry-down, that fizzy licorice accord slowly fades, and then warm vanilla starts to come more into play. This is joined with a light hint of fruity florals.

It’s sweet, warm, nutty and creamy.

Yet it remains light and airy (because of the citruses). And never becomes overly sweet.

And finally… it dries down into a sweet-creamy nutty woody base. Almond cookie, anyone? 🍪

By the way, if you love vanilla, be sure to check our top vanilla perfumes — most are unisex.

Nutty Vanilla

It’s a unique, simple, playful scent. But it’s not juvenile because it has a sophisticated high-quality about it. A modern, mature sweetness.

And (unsurprisingly) it rakes in some nice compliments. Maybe they just want to eat you. 🙂

But here’s the good news:

This is unisex; it smells great on a man or a woman — so you can share it with your significant other (suggest: 20-up).

So needless to say, if you’re looking for a masculine man’s man cologne, stay clear of this.


Because this is a playful scent, it’s more suited for casual use, outdoor events, vacations etc.

Also, because of its sweet deliciousness, it could make a nice date scent. And what’s more…

It can be used all year. And specifically, it works like a charm in warm weather (just avoid scorching hot days).

Mandorlo di Sicilia comes in EDT concentration and has a decent scent cloud (within arm’s length) for up to a few hours.

It then quickly retreats and sits close to the skin. And depending on the season-temperature/skin chemistry, lasting power is around 4–8 plus hours.

Bottom line:

If you are bored of all the typical warm-weather fresh citrusy scents, then I urge you to try this.

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#4 Colonia

A bottle of Acqua Di Parma Colonia.

The Iconic Original: A Timeless Classic

Ah, the original Colonia, you’ve just gotta love it. Credit where credit is due. It’s the OG. The one that started it all off.

Here’s the quick story:

In case you don’t know, this was the brand’s very first cologne and was created in 1916. That’s not a typo. 🙂 But what you might not know is…

ADP’s Colonia first started its life in the tailor shops in Parma, Italy.

However, at first, it was originally only used to spray customers handkerchiefs — to keep the wearer smelling clean, fresh and well-groomed. But here’s the cool part…

Hollywood Stars

It was in these tailor shops where European celebrities and Hollywood stars of the day, discovered and fell in love with the scent.

Apparently, David Niven and Cary Grant used to rock this stuff. Pretty cool, right?

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Iconic Hatbox

This is why the brand use their iconic hatbox style packaging, as a nod of respect to their roots in the tailor shops in Parma.

A close-up in the hands of the Acqua Di Parma Colonia yellow colored hatbox packaging.
ADP’s packaging resembles a hatbox, as a nod of respect to their roots in the tailor shops in Parma.

Furthermore, the brand’s golden-yellow coloring represents the traditional Parma-yellow color painted houses which are there.

By the way, all the other Colonias in the brands collection are newer, modern variations of this original timeless classic.


You might be wondering:

What does Acqua di Parma Colonia smell like?

This opens up bright, crisp and clean: with a classic blend of zesty citruses (lemon-orange-bergamot), mixed with a pinch of rosemary and other green herbal notes. The lemon being the most prominent.

As the citruses slowly soften, the rosemary shines through and it becomes more herbaceous. And then the lavender and rose creep in and smooth everything out.

Eventually, some faint warm woodiness joins the mix, and it finally dries down to a soft, clean, musky soapy/citrusy floral scent.

It has a classic, old-school quality — but it’s timeless and sophisticated. Naturally smelling and elegantly clean.

Picture this:

A well-groomed, elegant gentleman stepping out of a traditional barbershop. Immaculate, clean and polished. This is it.

And on that note…


I would only recommend this for the mature 30-up; this is grown-man’s stuff.

(For you younger dapper guys, I would rather suggest you its modernized counterpart: Colonia Essenza.)

Now, this is more of an any occasion daytime scent. And can be worn all year. However, its wheelhouse is in the spring and summer — this is when it shines.

Dress it up. Dress it down. And it’s a GREAT one for the office. And…

Don’t forget:

This is an Eau de Cologne. Which is not as potent as an EDT, EDP or Parfum. So if you’re looking for a powerhouse — you will be disappointed. This is refined and elegant.

Refined & Elegant

And for the first few hours, it projects politely (within arm’s reach), then it stays close to the wearer.

How long does it last?

Short answer: it depends.

Because here’s the thing… everyone’s skin chemistry is different. And also the temperature plays a big factor.

Some of us got 5-8 plus hours, while others just got 2-3 plus hours — so your mileage will vary.

With that, here’s a tip that works great:

For longer lasting performance, just simply give your clothes a quick spritz (or even your handkerchief). 🙂


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#3 Colonia Pura

A bottle of Acqua Di Parma Colonia Pura.

 A Modern Fresh Twist

Here’s what you need to know:

Pura is a new rework of the brand’s original classic Colonia, which gets a modern fresh uplifting twist. And here’s the beautiful part…

This new version was created by none other than: Francois Demachy (who is now the in-house perfumer for Dior). Let’s just say…

He knows a thing or two. 🙂

Master Perfumer

Anyway, this one is pretty straightforward…

It’s simple, yet elegant. Let’s take a closer look:

Pura opens with a cocktail of bright citruses, mixed with some ozonic notes and whispers of spice.

These ozonic notes give it a refreshing, crisp airy/watery quality. And after a short while…

As the citruses tone down, a green tinged floral accord shines through, and this adds a slight hint of sweetness to the citruses.


And finally, this is joined with a slightly woody, soft clean musky base.

It smells crisp, clean and fresh — with an uplifting feel good quality.

Oh, and did I mention it smells extremely natural? Yeah…

The quality of the juice is top-notch; no complaints there. Maybe that’s why they named it Pura, which translates to Pure.

Pure, Fresh & Clean

Now, Pura has a touch of a youthful quality. So it will appeal to younger mature sharply-dressed guys, as well as older more refined gentleman. (Suggest 20-up.)

And in terms of seasons:

This is perfect for spring and summer daytime use. A warm weather daily go-to… dressed up, or dressed down. Great for the office or just for casual outings.

Pura is an Eau de Cologne (EDC) and projects softly (within arm’s reach) for up to a few hours. It then wears inconspicuously close the skin.


So if you’re looking for a professional scent that is not obtrusive, this is a good fit. Does it last long? Here’s what we found…

Depending on the temperature (and wearer’s skin chemistry), lasting power was anywhere from 3-7 plus hours.

Bottom line:

Pura is a well-crafted modern addition to the brand’s collection.

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#2 Colonia Intensa

A bottle of Acqua Di Parma Colonia Intensa.

A Freshie With a Woody-Leathery Twist

Here’s the scoop:

This fragrance was a collaboration between 2 of the biggest (and best) perfumers in the industry:

Alberto Morillas & Francois Demachy.

In case you don’t know, award winning Alberto Morillas was the man who created the iconic Acqua di Gio for Armani (as well as a TON of other blockbusters). And…

Francois Demachy is currently the head perfumer at Christian Dior. ‘Nough said. 🙂

Their goal?

To create a modern, sophisticated and intense version of the original Colonia. However, they also wanted to retain the classic citrus composition of the original.

Hint of Soft Leather

To do this, they reworked the original and added some spices, woods and a hint of soft leather (and some other notes). Did they deliver the goods?

It sure smells like it. 🙂

Let me break it down for you…

Colonia Intensa opens with a refreshing burst of citruses (lemon & bergamot), mixed with a spicy dose of ginger and cardamom.

The spices add a nice invigorating bite to the citruses.

As it settles, green herbal nuances appear with a hint of soapy neroli in the background. (However, this isn’t as soapy as the original Colonia.) And finally…

As it dries down, some woods creep in joined with a touch of soft leather and resins — to give the scent some sophisticated warm depth.

It’s Refreshing. Yet Warm.

It’s citrusy fresh and clean… but with a nice warm spicy-woody leathery backbone.

Very elegant, indeed. 🧐

Now, this is a very classy mature scent — so, for age group, I suggest 25 and up. And, as it carries a gentlemanly aura, it’s more suited for semi-formal, formal situations.

Perfect for the office, business meetings, interviews etc. Or even an evening date, for that matter.

And the beautiful part…

It can be worn in all seasons. However, the sweet spot is in the spring and fall (and cool summer nights).

Because to be honest, if it’s scorching hot and you’re going to be outside, this may not be the best choice.

And depending on your winters, this might not have enough punch.

That said, if you’re using this in a temperature-controlled environment (i.e. in the office), then none of this really matters, right? 🙂


Colonia Intensa is an EDC, and when first sprayed, it projects softly for up to 2 hours (around an arm’s length).

Then it quickly recedes and hovers just above the skin (making it great for the workplace).

So to clarify, if you’re looking for an attention-seeker, you will be disappointed.

The good news…

Although this sits close to the skin, lasting power was impressive for an EDC concentration. Here’s what we found…

Depending on the temperature, lasting power was around the 5-8 plus hour mark. Not too shabby.

And, of course, you can always give your clothes a quick spritz for longer lasting performance.

Classy stuff!

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#1 Colonia Essenza

A bottle of Acqua Di Parma Colonia Essenza.

A Modernized Classic

First off…

Don’t let the black colored bottle mislead you into thinking this is a dark, heavy scent, as the bottle design is only black and white so as to be reminiscent of a “tuxedo” (more about this in a second).

Because, in a nutshell:

Essenza is a new (and improved) modernized version of the brand’s iconic original version of Colonia. And the best part…

This new version is richer and more sophisticated. (Plus it’s longer lasting!) Let’s take a look:

Essenza starts off bright, fresh and clean — with a blast of naturally smelling zesty citruses mixed with some neroli.

The neroli gives it a slightly bitter quality, but give it time, as this smooths into something special.

Stay with me… 🙂

As the citruses tone down, clean white florals shine through joined with pops of spices and a slightly green herbal nuance.

Classy Clean

The citruses still remain but linger in the background — giving it a clean soapy undertone.

And as it evolves, some oakmoss, woody vetiver and musk surface, to add a little darkness to the scent.

And it finally dries down into a refined, clean, elegant gentlemanly scent.

It smells extremely natural. It’s smooth and has an expensive soapy clean quality.

This Stuff = Well-Groomed Man

Now to be perfectly clear:

This is not for the young crowd (suggest 25up). Because this is the scent of a mature well-groomed gentleman; think:

James Bond. 🙂

It’s classy… Yet still modern. In fact:

To define what this scent is about, ADP designed the bottle to look like a tuxedo, using a classy matt black finish with a white label.

A bottle of Acqua Di Parma Colonia Essenza depicted next to a man’s torso wearing a tuxedo.
ADP designed the Essenza bottle in a classy matt black finish using a white label, so as to resemble a tuxedo.

Very appropriate.

And the beautiful part…

Anytime. Anywhere. Anyplace.

You can wear this all year (just adjust your sprays) for just about ANY occasion. Indoors/outdoors… Days or nights — dressed-up or dressed-down. Yeah…

The office/work, special occasions, dates, daily use, going out on the town, parties — you name it.

Basically, anytime you want to smell clean and classy, Essenza has your back. Furthermore…

Just like a true gentleman, Essenza doesn’t scream out for attention.

As this comes in an Eau de Cologne (EDC) concentration and projects politely for the first few hours (around arm’s length).


It then dials back, and sits confidently and respectfully close to the wearer. But if anyone ventures into your zone ­— you will get noticed (in a good way).

And the good news…

For being an EDC, the lasting power is good. Depending on the temperature: ballpark 4-8 plus hours. Ain’t complaining.

Bottom line:

If you’re looking for a refined mature gentlemanly scent, that you can use all year for just about any occasion — try this.

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Bonus: 3 Honorable Mentions

3 fragrance bottles in a row of Acqua Di Parma’s Sandalo, Fico Di Amalfi, and Oud with the Amalfi seaside town, cliffs, and coast in the background at dusk.
3 honorable mentions.

I can almost hear you thinking…

Where the heck is Fico di Amalfi? 🤔


Don’t worry, we haven’t lost our sense of smell (or minds) because we too think it’s AMAZING.

In fact, we found it to be the best Blu Mediterraneo fragrance from the collection. So why’s it not on this list? Good question.

Here’s why:

Simply because Fico di Amalfi already made it onto our top summer list. So I figured I would replace it with another one, so to give you some more options here.

Don’t Sleep on These 3

And on top of that, we also excluded 2 others because they also made it onto other lists.

So you can click below to discover our thoughts on each of them:

Spoiler alert: They’re all GREAT. 🙂

What is Acqua di Parma?

They are an Italian lifestyle brand, named after the city where they were founded – Parma. Their first fragrance creation dates back to 1916.

Yes, you read that right, they’ve been “in the game” for more than 100 years. Let’s just say…

They’ve gotten pretty good at it. 🙂

The ADP Universe

Now, they currently have 5 different collections, with currently over 30 scents between them:

  • Colonia
  • Blu Mediterraneo
  • Signature of the Sun
  • Le Nobili
  • Note di Colonia

And I’ve seen a LOT of people getting confused about this range. So here’s a quick primer for you…

The ADP Collection Explained

Starting with…

The range they are most known for:

The Colonia Collection

These are the elegant citrus freshies. In fact, this collection still includes the iconic original Colonia from 1916. Apparently, its formula remains unchanged.

What’s more, all the other options in this collection are modern variations of this timeless classic.

Made in Italy

And they all come presented in clear minimalistic bottles, in the iconic Parma-yellow colored hatbox style packaging. That is…

Except for Essenza and Club. Which come presented in a black bottle and black box, and a green bottle and green box, respectively. Moving on to…

Blu Mediterraneo

These are the ones that come in the gorgeous blue bottles (and blue hatboxes).

Each fragrance is named after somewhere in the Italian Mediterranean and the ingredient that grows there.


And the scent will be focused on that ingredient, with other supporting notes. For example:

Cipresso di Toscana translates to Cypress of Tuscany. So the scent is based on cypress.

You get the idea. 🙂

These typically smell extremely natural and realistic. Which brings us to…

Signature of the Sun

This is their premium range. (Note: this was previously called the Ingredient Collection.)

These scents are focused on one precious raw ingredient (such as oud, sandalwood, vanilla, etc.).


And this ingredient gets blended with the brand’s classic Colonia citrus DNA ­– to create a unique fresh twist. By the way…

The darker scents come in black glossy bottles. And the brighter scents come in clear bottles.

However, they all come presented in glossy black tubular hatboxes with gold lettering. Nice.

Le Nobili

These are the brands feminine leaning scents, based around floral essences. Focusing on rose, magnolia and peony. But wear what you want, right? 🙂

And finally…

Note di Colonia

This is the brand’s exclusive collection, which was created to celebrate their 100-year anniversary.

Each one is inspired by an Italian opera, that was written by an Italian composer. To be clear, these are more for fragrance connoisseurs.


And they come in luxurious bottles with Italian hand-crafted crystal stoppers. They also come with prices to match.

So there we have it.

ADP has a scent for every personality. Every season. And every occasion.

Now, it’s your turn…

We would love to hear from you:

What is your favorite from the house? Did we miss any?

Or maybe you have a question.

Either way, please let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.

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