Top 7 Best Coffee Cologne for Men

Coffee Fragrances For Every Taste

By BeautypertMarch 30, 2023

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Looking for the best coffee cologne for men? We’ve tried them all.

We’ve tested sweet ones, bitter ones, dark roasted ones, creamy ones, simple ones where the coffee note is upfront, and complex ones where it’s simply an accent in the background — all to find the best coffee scented cologne for you.

We then selected 23 of them and put them through their paces: doing side-by-side sniff tests and timing how long they lasted (and more) — then scoring them accordingly.

And finally, we whittled them down to 7 that deserve your attention. Plus 1 extra premium pick for you connoisseurs. So…

Grab yourself a cup, and let’s jump in. ☕️

In a hurry?

Our Top 3 Picks:

#7 Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Cafe

A bottle of Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Cafe.

Sweet Creamy Vanilla Latte

No surprises here. You get exactly what the name suggests — a warm sweet vanilla latte.

But be careful…

Your significant other may want to drink (eat) you. 🙂

Now, in case you’re wondering… Comptoir Sud Pacifique are a French niche perfume house that are known for their affordable simplistic gourmand (edible smelling) type fragrances. Anyway…

This one is pretty straight forward, let’s take a look:


As soon as you spray Vanille Cafe, you’re greeted with a sweet creamy vanilla latte aroma. Nice.

As it dries down… the vanilla amps up and is joined with some woods in the background. And eventually, it ends up smelling a bit like a yummy coffee cake.

It’s a sweet, warm and comforting scent… But not overly sweet or immature smelling.

Now, to be clear…

This is a unisex scent that can be enjoyed by all ages. So if you’re looking for a super masculine type scent — you may want to skip this. 🙂

Cool Weather Use

More suited for cool weather use: fall/winter (cold spring nights). Casual, nights out, dates, hanging-out, etc…

Vanille Cafe is an EDT and projects politely (just under arm’s length) for about 1 hour… then softens up and sits close to the skin. Lasts around 4–8 plus hours.

Bottom line:

If you don’t want anything super complex and want to smell like a straight-up delicious sweet vanilla latte — I urge you to try this.

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#6 Montale Ristretto Intense Cafe

A bottle of Montale Ristretto Intense Cafe.

Sweet Warm Caramel Coffee & Rose

Now first off… this isn’t for everyone. Why?

This fragrance is unisex and contains a rose note. So if you don’t like rose, you may want to skip this one.

(In case you don’t know… Montale are a French luxury perfume house known for their powerful long-lasting fragrances.)

With that said, I should point something out:

Ristretto Intense Cafe is a new version of Montale’s Intense Cafe — which made it onto our top rose fragrances list. And to be honest, they smell very similar… But with a major difference…

In a nutshell:

Montale Intense Cafe vs Ristretto

  • Ristretto Intense Cafe has an amped-up coffee note with a toned-down rose note
  • On the other hand, Intense Cafe has an amped-up rose note with a toned-down subtle coffee note

Same same — but different. 🙂

So please be careful while choosing.

A bottle of Montale’s Intense Café and Ristretto Intense Café protruding out the top of a sack of roasted coffee beans.
Intense Cafe vs Ristretto Intense Cafe: they smell similar, but have a major difference.

Let’s take a closer look…

Warm Sweet Caramel-Vanilla Latte

Ristretto Intense Cafe opens up with a blast of sweet black coffee with rose buried underneath.

As it dries down, the rose creeps in joined with some warm vanilla, white musk and caramel… and they all morph with the coffee. The result?

It smells like a nice warm sweet caramel-vanilla latte with a rosy undertone.

Nice. 😍

Cold Weather

This is unisex and more suited for the mature 25-up crowd. And strictly for cold weather use: fall/winter and cold spring nights (too sweet and heavy for the summer).

Casual, semi-casual, nights out, romantic occasions, dates…

Ristretto Intense Cafe comes in a Extrait de Parfum concentration (which simply means it’s more potent than an EDT/EDP).

So needless to say…

A Little Goes a Long Way

Don’t go crazy with the sprayer.  Less-is-more with this one… 1–2 sprays MAX …and you’re set.

It projects about an arm’s length (leaving a nice scent trail) for up to 3 hours… then dials back in and sits closer to the skin. Lasts about 6–10 plus hours.


Side note: Montale use super lightweight aluminium bottles and when they are new they feel like they’re not full.

Don’t worry… this is normal: simply because the bottle is so light (this can cause confusion).

Bottom Line:

If you love coffee… and you love rose… I urge you to try this.

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#5 Rochas Man

A bottle of Rochas Man.

Sugary Sweet Creamy Vanilla Cappuccino

First things first:

This is deliciously sugary sweet. So if you don’t like sweet edible smelling type scents — this is (definitely) not for you. But if that’s your thing, read on… 🙂

Rochas Man starts off with a blast of burnt sugary sweetness mixed with fresh lavender and coffee sitting in the background.

Pinch of Fruity Raspberry

As it dries down, the sweetness mellows out and the lavender takes a step back — allowing the coffee to shine through, joined with some warm vanilla and a pinch of fruity raspberry.

The result:

A warm, sweet, creamy vanilla-cappuccino vibe with a faint raspberry undertone. Delicious.


Now, I should point something out… this is not a super masculine type cologne. In fact, despite the name — this is totally unisex. And is great for dates, nights out, casual, hanging-out, etc…

Can be worn by all ages, but has a youthful vibe (suggest under 45). And more suited for cool weather use: fall/winter. Do not rock this in the high summer heat — or you will choke yourself out. 🙂

Now, to be perfectly clear…


This is an intimate scent that sits close to the skin (and draws people in). So needless to say… if you’re looking for a powerhouse—you will be disappointed.

Rochas Man is an EDT and projects politely (less than arm’s length) for up to 2 hours… then quickly fades to sit close to the skin (making it a great date scent). Lasts around 4–6 plus hours.

Bottom line:

If you enjoy sweet edible smelling scents—I urge you to try this.

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#4 Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme

A bottle of Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme.

Dark Sweet Orangey-Chocolate Coffee

This is a GREAT one for nights out, clubbing, etc.

Let’s break it down:

When you first spray Polo Red Extreme you’re greeted with a sweet fruity blood orange mixed with dark roasted coffee.

As it settles… the blood orange takes a step back and the coffee starts to shine through with some dark woods buried underneath.

The result?

Dark, Sweet, Warm & Inviting

A dark sweet chocolatey-coffee vibe with a slight fruity orange undertone.

It’s smooth, warm and inviting… and (understandably) garners some nice compliments.

Good Stuff!

More suited for the 20-up crowd — for night time use in the cool weather: fall/winter (cold spring nights).

Avoid the high summer heat like the plague. For something that crushes it in warm weather, our top summer colognes will serve you well.

Nights Out, Bars, Clubbing, Dates…

Perfect for nights out, bars, hanging-out, casual, parties, clubbing, dates …you get the idea. 🙂

Now, I should point something out:

Don’t let the name of the scent mislead you… There is nothing “extreme” about it. This is NOT one of those room-filler powerhouse type scents. It’s smooth and inviting.

Polo Red Extreme comes in a Parfum concentration, which just means it’s more concentrated than a typical EDT (Eau de Toilette).

It projects nicely (just under arm’s length) for up to the first 2 hours… then becomes more subtle and draws people in. Lasts about 5–8 plus hours.

Not too shabby. 🙂

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#3 Kilian Intoxicated

A bottle of Kilian Intoxicated.

Spicy-Sweet Turkish Coffee

Intoxicated is just like it sounds: Intoxicating. 🙂

Now, in case you don’t know…


Kilian are a French luxury fragrance house based in Paris, created by Kilian Hennessy — the grandson of the founder of the Hennessy cognac company.

Intoxicated is part of their (aptly named) ‘Addictive State of Mind’ collection. And interestingly, was inspired by a trip that Kilian took to Istanbul, Turkey…

…Where every morning, he would enjoy the ritual of making Turkish coffee with cardamom. So much so, that when he returned to Paris – he teamed up with award winning perfumer Calice Becker, to recreate the experience in a fragrance.

Did they succeed?  Let’s find out…

Spicy Cardamom

Intoxicated opens with a blast of spicy cardamom mixed with Turkish coffee and a nice caramelized sweetness buried underneath.

As it settles, a hint of warm vanilla and ground nutmeg creep in, with a pinch of cinnamon… and they all fuse together to give it a delicious dark chocolaty vibe.

It’s rich, warm, spicy, slightly sweet… and addictive. HUGE compliment getter.

The beautiful part…

This is unisex so you can share it with your significant other (great)…and suitable for all ages. More suited for the sharply dressed crowd for fall/winter night time use: dates, nights out, bars, clubs, smart casual use, dinners, etc…

Even better…


Intoxicated comes presented in a gorgeous black lacquered bottle that has been engraved on each side (represents Achilles’ shield). Also, the front metal plate has the name of the scent engraved by hand. It looks, feels and smells premium.

Achilles’ Shield engraving on side of bottle.

Pretty awesome, right?

But now for the bad news…

As you probably guessed… it also comes with a price tag to match. If you want Kilian luxury – you’re going to have to pay for it (understandable).

Nice Scent Bubble

Intoxicated is an EDP and projects nicely (about arm’s length) for up to 3 hours — creating a nice scent bubble around you.

It then softens up and sits closer to the skin, giving off gentle wafts. Lasts around 6–10 plus hours.

Good stuff! 🙂

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#2 Halloween Man X

A bottle of Halloween Man X.

Strange Name… But GREAT Affordable Coffee Based Cologne.

I can almost hear you thinking…

Okay the name is crazy, right? 🙂 But this is actually good stuff! Seriously.

Now, I’ll be straight with you… The opening is not the greatest (to my nose). But here’s the thing, it transforms into something MUCH more enjoyable. Let’s take a closer look…

When you first spray this you’re greeted with a typical bubble-gum tonka sweetness vibe — with coffee buried far underneath.

But stay with me…

Roasted Coffee Beans, Leather & Whiskey

As it dries down, the sweetness mellows out… and is slowly replaced with a nice blend of freshly roasted coffee beans, leather and a splash of whiskey — with whispers of cinnamon and cardamom.

It’s dark, warm, sweet and inviting. And (unsurprisingly) rakes a TON of nice compliments. Not complaining. 🙂

Now, this can be worn by all ages (although the initial opening has a youthful vibe) and is more suited for cold weather wear: fall, winter and cool spring nights.

Casual use, hanging-out, work, nights out, bars, dates…

AMAZING Bang For Your Buck

Halloween Man X doesn’t scream out for attention. This is an EDT and projects about arm’s length for up to 2 hours… then sits closer to the skin. Lasts about 6–8 plus hours.

So if you’re looking for a powerhouse type scent, this is not it.

The best part…

This is SUPER affordable and is a great bang-for-your-buck!

Can you say jackpot? 🙂

By the way, to discover more super affordable colognes, which smell a LOT more expensive than what you pay… don’t miss our best cheap colognes roundup. Lots of hidden gems.

Two thumbs up for this one!

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#1 Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Signature

A bottle of Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Signature.

Hidden Gem

This one is under the radar. 🙂 Now, in case you don’t know…

Uomo Signature was created by award winning perfumer Alberto Morillas. Who???

This is the same man who created some of the best-selling colognes —ever: Armani Aqcua di Gio, Calvin Klein CK One, Versace Dylan Blue, Givenchy Pi, Bvlgari Man in Black—the list goes on and on and on…

But the BIG question is…

Did he deliver the goods here? The answer seems to be “YES!” 🙂 Let’s take a sniff…

Warm Sweet-Spicy Coffee & Soft Leather

When you first spray Uomo Signature, you’re greeted with a blast of masculine sweet spicy orange citrus.

As it settles… a nice sweet blend of coffee, tonka bean and soft leather creep in… joined with some warm spices (cinnamon & cardamom). The end result?

A nice warm sweet-spicy (slightly chocolatey) coffee vibe… with a hint of soft leather.


It’s dark, sweet (but not overly sweet), warm and inviting. And (understandably) gets a LOT of positive attention — as long as you don’t go crazy with the sprayer 🙂 (more on that shortly).

Perfect for Nights Out & Dates

More suited for the mature 20-up sharply dressed crowd for night time use in cool weather: fall/winter (cold spring nights).

Perfect for nights out, bars, clubbing, dates, dinners, smart-casual use, etc… If you use it for the office/work — I recommend you just spray lightly.

Nice Scent Trail

Uomo Signature is an Eau De Parfum concentration (stronger than an EDT) and jumps off the skin (well beyond arm’s length) — for up to the first 2 hours… Leaving a nice scent trail.

It then becomes more subtle, creating a nice scent bubble around you, that eventually sits closer to the skin. Lasts around 6–8 plus hours. I’ll take that. Needless to say…

Be careful not to over-spray; Less-is-more. 1–2 sprays MAX …and you’re gold.

The beautiful part:

You can discover this online for a GREAT affordable price. Can you say jackpot? 🙂

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Premium Upgrade: Akro Awake

A bottle of Akro Awake.

The Cream of the Crop

I slept on this. And I’m here to admit my red-faced shame… because boy — does this deliver!

Now, you may be unfamiliar with Akro, so let me quickly lift the veil for you…

Akro are a niche brand co-created by none other than Olivier Cresp — the Aristotle of perfumers, and his daughter Anaïs (creative director). Olivier Who?

OK, so maybe you’ve never heard of Olivier Cresp before… but you’ve smelled him — I’m sure! And by that, I mean he’s a hyper-prolific…

Superstar Perfumer

Because Olivier Cresp is the man behind some of the most famous scents ever created (maybe even some of yours) — from some of the biggest brands on the planet, such as:

Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Dior, D&G, Givenchy — seriously, the list goes on and on and on. And amazingly, he has created over 350 of them, over the span of more than 45 years! So…

Hat tip to Monsieur Cresp.

Let’s just say — he knows a thing or two. And by the way…

If you’re curious, Akro comes from the French word Accro — which is the slang term for “addict” as in, being hooked or addicted to something. Because here’s the cool part:


Each of Akro’s fragrances are based on the unique concept of satisfying one of your cravings of 7 different vices — through the sense of smell.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘We understand that your favorite scents aren’t always flowers and fruits.’ — Akro.” quote=”We understand that your favorite scents aren’t always flowers and fruits.’ — Akro.” theme=”style3″]

This addiction is satisfied by Olivier’s masterful blending of beautiful natural ingredients and encapsulating them in a bottle — for you to enjoy at will.

So you can actually wear your favorite vice, so to speak.

Pretty cool, right?

Both a bottle of Akro Awake and some dark roasted coffee beans sitting together in the cupped palms of both hands.
Akro’s Awake was made for coffee-addicts!

And in this case, with Awake, it’s the craving of the irresistible aroma of freshly roasted Brazilian Santos coffee beans working in harmony with all the warm addictive aromas you experience at your favorite high-end coffee shop.

Does it deliver?

Short answer: You bet.

In fact, let me quickly break it down for you:

Right from the get-go, the aroma of bittersweet coffee makes itself known, and leaves your face beaming with smiles. It’s deep, dark, and rich and smells…


After a short while, it starts to mellow out as a dash of sweetness shines through with a dose of spicy cardamon.

And as it plays out, both the coffee and cardamom work in tandem with the sweetness, and it slowly transforms into an addictive warm, slightly spiced and semi-sweet, creamy hazelnutty-latte accord. What could be better than that?


Then, finally, when the coffee fades, a soft hint of spicy woodiness and faint lemon starts to poke through.

One more, please! 🙂

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘We make fragrances for people that don’t like to say no.’ — Akro.” quote=”‘We make fragrances for people that don’t like to say no.’ — Akro.” theme=”style3″]

Nutty Facets

And because of the warm and cozy feeling it gives off, Awake is going to be a 3 season fragrance (fall, winter, and cool spring evenings), and is more suited for casual, leisure use. Totally unisex, by the way.

Now, Akro’s Awake is an EDP, and in our tests, it had modest projection (within arm’s length) for up to the first 2 hours.

It then sits politely close to the skin, giving off nice gentle wafts of your favorite brew — leaving the people around you craving for more.

And although results varied for everyone, generally speaking, we got 6–8 hours of longevity.

Oh, and before I forget…

It comes presented in a modern, minimal looking transparent glass bottle with the brands “A” (for Akro) engraved on the top of the cap.

A bottle of Akro’s Awake lying in some dark roasted coffee beans next to the black tin box it’s supplied in.
Akro’s Awake comes in a minimal looking bottle in a sleek black metal box.

And you’ll be happy to know, the bottle comes protected, sitting safely in cut out foam, inside a sleek black metal box.

In short, it all boils down to this:

If you’re looking for a high-quality, realistic coffee scented fragrance, then Akro’s Awake could be exactly what you’re searching for.

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Now, it’s your turn…

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Did we miss any? What is your best coffee fragrance?

Or maybe you have a question.

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