The Top 10 Best Creed Cologne for Men (2021 Reviews)

The Best Smelling Creed Colognes of all Time

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Best Creed Cologne

This is a list of the 10 best Creed colognes available in 2021 (with reviews).

In fact, we just spent weeks researching and testing all of Creed’s most popular colognes – to see which ones are actually worth your money.

We looked at how good they smell.

We looked at the performance and lasting power.


We even looked at what season and situation each scent works best in.

And in this post, I’ll reveal the best Creed colognes…

…and help you choose the best one for you.

Sound good? Let’s dive right in!

In a hurry?

Our Top 3 Picks:

#10 Creed Erolfa

Hidden Gem

This scent is often overlooked in the House of Creed, simply because of the big guns dominating their line-up.

But, make no mistake:

This stuff smells GREAT.

Sparkling Fresh

Erolfa is a unique super fresh citrus fragrance, that has a sparkling sea salt marine vibe.

It’s fresh and invigorating, and so easy to wear. In fact, it smells like a fresh summer sea breeze… mixed with a nice citrusy melon vibe. Beautiful.

Fun Fact:

The name of this scent is an acronym of Olivier Creed’s family members:

His son, Erwin (ER,) his daughter, Olivia (OL,) and their mother, Fabienne (FA.)

It was a homage to the family’s memories of sailing the Mediterranean. The salty marine vibe and citrus scented breeze is encapsulated into the scent.


Shines in Summer

This is a great daytime casual scent. Perfect for the warmer months. And lasting performance is quite respectable for a citrus based scent.

Here’s a tip that works great:

To make your citrus based scents last longer, just simply give your clothes a quick spritz.

Sorted 🙂

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#9 Creed Original Vetiver

Vetiver Reinvented

This is Creed’s unique take on a vetiver cologne.


Well, before this, perfumers would only use one part of the vetiver plant to create their fragrances. However…

Olivier Creed went one step further… and used all three parts of the vetiver plant – to create a unique spin on the vetiver genre. And he nailed it. 🙂

In fact, the color of the bottle represents what this fragrance is all about:

A super fresh, uplifting green aromatic scent… that gives you that fresh-out-the-shower vibe.

By the way, this also made it onto our best vetiver colognes list. So if you’re a vetiver fan, I urge you to check that list out.

This is the Definition of Freshness

Let’s take a look:

First off… it has a beautiful mix of brightness to it. With sparkling citruses blended with light vetiver in the background.

But it gets even better…

Once this starts to dry down, it has an amazing soapy creamy sweetness to it. Oozes quality.

It’s a very clean, very safe, and inoffensive easy-to-wear cologne.

Super Versatile

And the good news… it’s highly versatile, and long lasting. And can be enjoyed by anyone of all ages (although, probably more suited to the 25+ age group).

Perfect for the spring and summer, but can be worn whenever: for casual and work. In fact, this would make a perfect shirt and tie office scent. This is signature scent worthy.

The bottom line:

A simple scent, done in the best way possible.

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#8 Creed Virgin Island Water

If You Could Bottle the Scent of Summer – This Would Be it


This is a super unique, fresh fruity citrus fragrance. Which is perfect for going on vacation, or if you live in hot climates. Let’s break it down…

It opens up with a blast of super-fresh lime… mixed with a smooth creamy coconut.

Sweet Boozy Coconut

As it settles, it has some light floral accords… and eventually, a sugar cane and rum note join the party – to give this a gorgeous sweet boozy coconut vibe. (Think, Pina Colada)

It’s extremely natural smelling, and non-offensive.

Now, to be clear:

This is a unisex fragrance (so it’s not super masculine), and is best for ONLY the summer, and casual use. Perfect for hanging out in a pair of shorts, or visiting the beach club.

Shines in The Heat

(By the way, for more amazing fragrances that work well in the high-heat, check out our best summer cologne list)

However, you could wear this in other seasons… if you want to indulge yourself in a virtual vacation, that transports you to a tropical island. 🏝

And, for being a citrus based scent, it has decent lasting performance.

Bottom line:

If you like coconut, this is for you.

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#7 Creed Royal Oud

Toned Down Oud

If you want to smell super-unique and turn heads, Royal Oud is for you.

This is Creed’s take on an easy-to-wear, European friendly, oud-based scent. And they nailed it!

Now, in case you don’t know…

Oud is a scented resin, that is distilled from the rare agarwood tree. These trees grow only in certain parts of the World. And due to its rarity, oud is uber expensive. To be honest…

The oud in this is very subtle, and only plays a small supporting role in the fragrance.

Fresh, Spicy & Woody

This smells fresh and citrusy, with a sweet and fruity vibe… and spicy woody accords (mainly from the cedar and sandalwood.)

The end result:

An amazing safe, none-offensive, mass-appealing oud fragrance.


Now, the is best worn in cool weather: fall/winter (cool spring nights). And is great for nights out, the office, dates, upscale formal events.

This will make you smell like Royalty. 🙂

The beautiful part?

Women LOVE this stuff, immense compliments with this one.

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#6 Creed Silver Mountain Water

Cooling Freshness

Silver Mountain Water is a super unique, sophisticated scent.

In fact, this has been a Creed best seller since its debut in 1995, and for good reason. Let me give you a quick rundown…

Fresh Green Herbal Scent

It starts of citrusy, and has a unique smooth metallic ink vibe (from the blackcurrant and green tea notes). And dries down to a nice musky sandalwood base. Very light and inoffensive.

This is extremely well blended, and screams quality.

The best part?

Dressed-up or Dressed-down

This has a ton of versatility: it smells great on a man or women (any age). It can be worn dressed up or casually. However, it’s more suited for the warmer weather. Even better…

It is long lasting, and will be sure to bag you a LOT of compliments.

Side note: The white porcelain bottle is gorgeous.

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#5 Creed Original Santal

The Best Creed Cologne for Clubbing

Original Santal is Creeds take on a sandalwood based fragrance. And they didn’t disappoint. 🙂

By the way…

Santal is the French word for “sandalwood,” which is the star of the show in this fragrance, along with a prominent spicy cinnamon note. In fact…

Mysore Sandalwood

Creed claim to have used genuine Mysore sandalwood from India. Mysore sandalwood oil is considered one of the best in the World – and is SUPER expensive.

(Speaking of… if you love sandalwood scents, please be sure to check out our best sandalwood colognes list)

You’re probably wondering…

What does it smell like?

Sweet, Creamy & Woody

This smells fresh and clean, with a prominent spicy cinnamon note… with an added sweet smooth creamy vibe. It’s super unique, yet mass appealing.

In plain English:

This smells GREAT. 🙂


Hyper versatile: can be worn dressed up, dressed down, any age group. Perfect for clubbing, bars, dates, romantic settings, nights outs etc.

And more suited for fall, winter and maybe spring nights.

Brutal compliments with this one. 🙂

Side note: The bottle looks awesome.

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#4 Creed Viking

Cool, Minty & Spicy

First off…

This isn’t for the younger crowd; this is grown man’s stuff. Let’s take a closer look…

Viking kicks off with a blast of icy minty freshness, mixed with some citruses… and a nice pinch of sweet-spicy pink pepper.

Sophisticated & Manly

As it starts to dry down, the citruses fade, and it begins to smooth out beautifully. You then get a hint of masculine rose, joined with a classy base of sandalwood and vetiver.

The end result?

A classy, sophisticated, manly scent. Very contemporary. And the beautiful part…

Mega Versatile

This is mega versatile: it can be worn in any season… dressed up, or casual – days or nights. Great. In fact, this would make an amazing signature scent.

Now to be clear:

This is a mature, masculine fragrance – more suited for the 30-up crowd. And, the good news… it sticks around for up to 8 plus hours, with moderate projection.

Bottom line:

You will smell like a true gentleman when wearing this.

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#3 Creed Millesime Imperial

The Gold Standard of Aquatics

As the legend goes…

This was allegedly created for the former King of Saudi Arabia. The good news?

Now everybody can smell like royalty. 🙂

Now, Millesime Imperial is the brand’s unique take on a fresh citrusy scent. Does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out…

Juicy Watermelon

This opens up with a blast of fresh, citrusy fruity notes… blended with a pinch of sea salt.

It smells like a juicy mouth-watering freshly cut watermelon… With an added marine vibe, and a nice touch of sweetness.

In plain English:

This stuff smells AMAZING. 🙂

Anytime, Anywhere

Super versatile. This is a unisex scent, and can be worn in any situation, anytime, anywhere, and by any age.

From a suit and tie… to a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. As it’s a very subtle and non-offensive fragrance.

However, where this truly shines, is in the summer, and hot humid conditions. (For more hot weather fragrances, check our best summer colognes list)

Bright, Juicy, & Addictive

But here’s the kicker:

Being a fresh citrus based scent, we have seen some people in the past report longevity issues. To be clear:

The bottle we tested was from 2019, and we didn’t have any performance issues. In fact, our testers were averaging out about a solid 6-8 hours of longevity.

Let’s face it:

Citrus and Aquatic based scents are NOT super long lasting. With that said, a good tip to make citrus based scents last longer: is to simply give your clothes a spritz.

Sorted. 🙂

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#2 Creed Green Irish Tweed

A Classic, That Never Goes Out of Style

Here’s the skinny:

After being released way back in 1985, this has proven itself and stood the test of time.

In fact, today, this is still one of Creed’s best-selling colognes, and for good reason:

This is what a green fragrance should smell like.

It’s fresh, it’s clean, it’s crisp.

This is the perfect balance between a fresh, clean, citrusy scent… and a deep masculine scent.

Soapy & Green

It opens up soapy and green. Then dries down to creamy sandalwood and ambergris – giving it a fresh woody sweetness. Quality is top notch.

Now, I should point something out:

Green Irish Tweed is not a clubbing type scent. This is something you want to wear when you want to smell clean and fresh – to smell like the perfect guy. Expect a LOT of compliments. 🙂

The best part:

Smooth & Refined

This is crazy versatile – it’s smooth and refined, and can be worn anywhere, anytime (more suited for the 30+ crowd). You can rock this suited-up, or in a T-shirt and jeans. In the office or casual. You name it.

In fact, this would make a perfect signature scent. However, where this truly shines, is in the spring and summer.

Now, a quick word of warning:

Go easy with the sprays, as this is quite strong (lasting power is great). 2-3 sprays MAX…

…and you’re set. 🙂

Bonus: The matt black bottle looks awesome.

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#1 Creed Aventus

Best Creed Cologne

No surprise here 🙂

This is the brand’s crown jewels. In case you don’t know…

Creed Aventus is the rock star of the fragrance community. In fact, this is the brand’s best selling fragrance… in their entire 260-year history. And for good reason!

This smells GREAT.

In fact, there’s no explanation to be had here: Aventus is the best smelling Creed cologne. Period.

And… no matter how much people say it’s hyped or overrated. It lives up to all expectations. 🙂 You’re probably wondering…

How does it smell?

Juicy Pineapple, Apple & Blackcurrant

It’s a fresh and fruity-sweet masculine woody scent, that is super unique smelling – yet also remains mass-appealing.

Smells like a fresh juicy pineapple, blackcurrant and apple combo… mixed with some underlying smoky woods, leather and musk.

The best part?

Nights Out

It’s ultra versatile. Aventus can be used in all seasons, and for all occasions (days or nights). And is especially amazing for nights out, bars, and dates, etc. This is where it shines.

Even better…

This has great long-lasting performance. Now, for best results: do not overspray this. Less-is-definitely-more with this one.

Here’s the truth:

Head Turner

Since its release in 2010, countless other fragrance houses have tried to copy it, with their own similar take. However, Aventus remains the original and the best.

It’s a brutal compliment getter and head turner.

Simply put:

If you want the best smelling men’s Creed cologne. This is it.

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Bonus: Creed Aventus Cologne

Meet Aventus’s Cooler Younger Cousin

This is fresh fruity woody fragrance – that works GREAT in the high heat.

In a nutshell:

Aventus Cologne is a newer, fresher, and more modern version of Aventus. And, to be clear…

Although this new version is called a “Cologne,” the term ONLY refers to the type of fresh genre of the fragrance. This is not a typical cologne concentration, or a “watered-down” version of Aventus.

In fact:

Eau de Parfum

Aventus Cologne is the same Eau de Parfum concentration as the original Aventus – containing more than a 15% concentration of infused oils.

Now, Aventus Cologne has a completely different scent profile from the original classic Aventus. However, it still shares some of the classic DNA.

You’re probably wondering what the differences are:

Creed Aventus Cologne Vs Creed Aventus Classic

Creed Aventus Cologne is more fresher, fruitier, and lighter than the original version.

Also, this new version doesn’t have the smoky birch note, or the pineapple and apple notes from the original. And, it also does not contain any ambergris.

'With Aventus Cologne, I was inspired to create a new legend—a fresher, modern complement that would provide an olfactive experience entirely of its own.' — Olivier Creed.Click To Tweet

Let’s take a closer look:

Aventus Cologne opens up with a blast of SUPER fresh fruity citruses, mixed with a hint of ginger… and whispers of pepper.

Sparkling Orange

The main player here, is a refreshing sparkling mandarin orange note. It smells ultra natural, and has that classic Creed freshness.

To be honest…

The opening is similar to the original Aventus opening – but more fresher, and more fruiter. However, when they dry down, they take different directions. (So if you like the fruitier batches of the original Aventus – you will LOVE this)


As it starts to settle, the ginger fades. And then it starts to get a semi-sweet, fruity orange, creamy woody vibe. Also, some vetiver reveals itself, to give some fresh greenness in the background.

And eventually, it dries down beautifully on the skin, with some hints of musk and woodiness. This is very well blended, and remains smooth.

But here’s the big question:

Is it better than the original Aventus?

We don’t think so. However, make no mistake:

Aventus Cologne is still an amazing fragrance, and we think it’s a winner.

The best part?

It’s super versatile: This is unisex (but leans more masculine), and can be worn in all seasons, for all situations, dressed up, dressed down – any age.

Shines in the High Heat

However, where this truly shines, is in the high heat. It’s perfect for the spring and summer. (Speaking of… for more amazing fragrances that work great in the high heat, check out our best summer cologne list)

I’ll be straight with you…

This is not a bold scent, and will not perform well in the winter. It projects good for the first few hours, then becomes more subtle – and sits closer to the skin.

So you may want to stick with the original Aventus in the colder seasons.

Now for the bad news…


Being a fresh citrus-based scent, Aventus Cologne is not as long lasting as the original Aventus.

In fact, our testers were getting about an average of 5-6 hours of longevity (which is quite decent for a summer freshie).

Because let’s face it:

Citrus and aquatic based scents, are not super long lasting. Citrus is very volatile on the skin.

Now for the good news…

Mass Appealing

Women absolutely LOVE fresh scents on men. And this is a HUGE compliment getter.

And, from our testing of Aventus Cologne, it was even more loved by women – compared to the original Aventus.

Can you say jackpot? 🙂

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Now let’s uncover the mystery behind The House of Creed

Who Makes Creed Cologne?

As all Creed fans know, the House of Creed has a long history. In fact, it all began in 1781, with a pair of scented gloves, and a bottle of Royal English Leather. Now, in case you don’t know…

Family Run

Creed are a family run niche perfume house. And they have boutiques and counters, in high end stores, throughout the World.

Today, the company is located just outside of Paris. And it is one of the world’s oldest privately owned fragrance houses. In fact, it has been passed down from father to son, for more than 250 years (spanning seven generations).

'Highly original fragrances of extravagant quality.' Olivier Creed.Click To Tweet

How it All Started

The House of Creed was founded in 1760, by James Henry Creed, in London, England. However, it originally began its roots as a Tailoring business. Hence, the crossed scissors on the brand’s logo.


In 1781, James Creed became King George III’s glove maker, and made some scented gloves that were worn by the Royal Court. Interestingly, these gloves were scented in order to mask the bad smell of strong body odours (due to poor hygienic conditions of the day).

This was a common practise with the wealthy elite. Yikes, right?

Creed Scented Leather Gloves
Scented gloves were used to mask bad body odours

But listen to this…

The King loved the scented gloves, so much so, that he asked James Creed to make him a fragrance.

The result?

The very first Creed fragrance – Royal English Leather.

What Happened Next?

In the 1850’s, Henry Creed II (the third generation of The House of Creed), expanded the brand throughout Europe.

He created scents commissioned by Europe’s monarchy, including Empress Eugenie of France, who later enticed the House of Creed to officially relocate to Paris in 1854. And eventually…

Royal Warrants

Queen Victoria (King George III’s granddaughter) appointed Creed as an official supplier to the Royal Household. And they received several Royal Warrants of appointment to royal houses across Europe.


Fast forward to today, and sixth generation, Olivier Creed, is now the current master-perfumer of the House.

He has two children, his daughter Olivia is the company designer. And his son, Erwin, seventh generation master perfumer, collaborates with him on creating fragrances.

In fact:

It was Olivier who made Creed fragrances available to the public for the first time in 1970. Thus, making perfumery, rather than tailoring, the forefront of the business.

Kings, Queens & Emperors

To summerize:

For more than 260 years, numerous Kings, Queens and Emperors, from all over the World – have been addicted to the scents of Creed. And for good reason 🙂

And so, the legacy continues, from father to son…

Why is Creed Cologne So Expensive?

One of the downsides to Creed fragrances are they are uber expensive.

Here’s the truth:

Typical designer fragrances, will mainly be composed of cheap synthetic ingredients.

Natural Ingredients

However, authentic Creed fragrances are hand-crafted in the factory at Fontainebleau, France.


They use only the finest natural ingredients, which have all been hand selected from the best crops from all over the World.

In other words:

This makes them super expensive.

Best Creed Cologne

In fact:

Olivier Creed, and his son Erwin, personally travel the world themselves, to find only the purest raw materials to use in their fragrances.

Italian jasmine; tuberose from India; Rose from Morocco and Turkey, the list goes on…


One of Creeds favorite ingredients is iris.

This is used as a fixative in perfume, which stabilises and intensifies the other ingredients. It is also expensive.

And they use the extract of iris pallida, the white iris of Florence. This can take up to six years to prepare.



Many Creed fragrances contain small quantities of ambergris, which is used as a fixative – that allows the scent to last much longer.

But what you might not know is:

Ambergris is a waste product regurgitated by sperm whales (Yes, whale puke!) This is a rare substance and is incredibly expensive!!

Yikes, right?

Fragrance Oil

But that’s not all…

The production methods Creed use to produce their fragrances are expensive, as they use a traditional perfuming method.

Traditional Methods

They are the only fragrance house, that still uses a 4000-year-old infusion technique. This method enables them to maintain the super high quality of their fragrances.

Additionally, Erwin Creeds obsession with fast cars drives the cost up even further. (Kidding. Mostly.)🙂

Simply put:

If you want Creed awesomeness, you are going to have to pay for it.

What Does Millesime Mean?

Creed fragrances that are made up in an Eau De Parfum strength concentration are referred to as Millesime.


Millesime is the French word for “vintage,” and is a term used in the wine industry, referring to a particular year and place from which the quality of wine was superb.

Olivier Creed uses this term to stress the outstanding quality of the ingredients that are used to produce his fragrances.

What are Creed Batch Numbers and Batch Variations?

You may have seen discussions on various forums about these magical, mysterious batch numbers, and batch variations. Especially when talking about the mighty Creed Aventus.

Here’s how it works…

Each Creed fragrance will come with a matching alphanumeric code labelled on the box and on the bottle.

Creed Batch Number
Matching alphanumeric batch codes are printed on the boxes and bottles.

Creed use these batch numbers for internal monitoring of their supply chain.

But Creed fans use these batch numbers for something totally different! 🙂

Let me explain:


Well, one of the frustrations of a fragrance which is high in natural oils, is that the composition of the scent will smell slightly different with every harvest. Even though the quality remains 100% the same.

In fact, this is similar to how a precious wine will vary subtly, from year to year.

Also, different harvests will produce flowers of a slightly different scent, depending on how much sunshine and rainfall they receive.


Creedsters will use these batch numbers to distinguish between their favorite variation and year of a particular fragrance.

Pineapple Creed Aventus


One batch might smell more smokey, while another batch may smell more fruity/pineapple. But overall, most of the time, it’s not a HUGE difference.

Also, as of 2017, the Quality Control seems to have been improved, and the batches are more consistent and smell less varied.

However, some Creedsters are still over analyzing them for any tiny differences. 🙂

Any batch you get now, if it’s authentic and fresh, should smell super awesome!

Bottom line:

Don’t worry too much about these batch variations.

What does it mean when Creed Vault a fragrance?

If a certain ingredient is not up to Creed’s standard during the harvest, they prefer to wait until the next harvest, instead of using the inferior ingredients in their fragrances.

This sometimes leads them to temporarily discontinue a scent. (They Vault it.)

Now, over to you...

We would love to hear from you:

Did we get it right?

What are your favorite Creed colognes?

Or maybe you have a question.

Either way, please let us know by leaving a quick comment below right now.

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