Top 7 Best Burberry Cologne for Men — Ranked

By BeautypertMarch 10, 2023

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3 different Burberry cologne bottles on the sidewalk in front of a Burberry storefront.

Want to know what the best Burberry colognes for men are?

You’re in the right place.

Burberry have some amazing colognes in their lineup, so we decided to test, review, and rank them for you. (You’re welcome.)

So if you want to know:

  • What are the best smelling Burberry cologne
  • What season and situation to wear them
  • How long they last
  • More…

Then you’ll love this guide.

Let’s dive right in!

In a hurry?

Our Top 3 Picks:

#7 Burberry Weekend for Men

A bottle of Burberry Weekend for Men

Simple, Fresh & Clean

This is GREAT everyday, casual scent. Let’s take a look…

Burberry Weekend opens with a blast of fresh lemon.

Then, after about 10 minutes… the lemon is joined with a fresh grapefruit and fruity pineapple accord. The result?

It smells SUPER fresh, and gives you that just-out-of-the-shower clean, confident feeling. Ain’t complaining. 🙂

Clean & Confident

And finally, some honey and woods appear to balance it out — giving it a slightly sweet, fruity woody vibe. Nice.

And the good news…

This is super versatile: all ages, all seasons, any occasion. That said… it’s more suited for the spring and summer.

Now, to be clear:

Burberry Weekend is not a ground-breaking, complex fragrance or a nighttime clubbing type scent. Far from it.

Carefree — Everyday

This is a carefree, casual, everyday fragrance — that is perfect for the weekends! (Hence the name.) 🙂


Burberry Weekend is an EDT concentration and has average projection for the first 2 hours… then becomes more subtle.

And in our tests, this lasted about 5–7 plus hours.

Bottom line:

If you’re looking for an everyday, casual scent that will keep you smelling (and feeling) fresh, clean, and confident… Then try this.

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#6 Burberry for Men

A bottle of Burberry Classic for Men

A Timeless, Classic Gentlemen’s Scent

Burberry For Men was first introduced back in 1995… and yet, it’s still going strong. For good reason — it just works!

This is a well mannered, elegant, professional scent for a true gentlemen.

Let’s take a look…

Fresh & Minty

Burberry for Men opens up with a blast of fresh, fruity citruses mixed with some mint and herbs.

When it starts to settle, some lavender creeps in, giving you a fresh, clean floral minty vibe.

And eventually… it dries down to a slightly sweet, woody musky vanilla.

Now, to be clear…


This is NOT for the younger guys; it’s a mature and classy fragrance, more suited for the 30-up crowd for daytime use. And you can wear it all year round (that is, except in the high summer heat).

This is a formal, suited-up type fragrance, and is perfect for the office.


Burberry for Men is a subtle fragrance that doesn’t scream out for attention, but still packs a punch — so stick with 2 sprays MAX.

This is an EDT concentration and can last up to 8 plus hours on skin. Great. 🙂

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#5 Mr Burberry Indigo

A bottle of Mr Burberry Indigo

Clean, Fresh & Minty

This is a newer, fresher summer version of the original Mr Burberry.

As with the original Mr Burberry releases, this was also composed by world renowned master perfumer Francis Kurdjian.

Now, to be clear:

Mr Burberry Indigo smells different from the original Mr Burberry.

However, after about 30 minutes, you can detect some of the scent DNA of the original, but this fragrance then takes a different direction.

Let’s take a closer look…

Fresh Spearmint

Mr Burberry Indigo opens with a blast of fresh lemon citrus and spearmint. The spearmint smells bright and super authentic.

When it starts to settle, some violet leaf and rosemary appear to give it a fresh, spicy, herbal minty vibe… with some warm earthy nuance sitting in the background.

It’s perfectly blended and smooth. And garners some nice compliments. 🙂

The beautiful part…

Super Safe & Versatile

This is super safe and versatile: dressed up, dressed down, all ages, and just about all occasions. Perfect for the office and casual wear.

And suitable for all seasons (just adjust your sprays)… But where it truly shines is in the summer.

Speaking of summer… check out our best summer colognes list to discover more fragrances that work amazing in high heat.


Mr Burberry Indigo is an EDT and projects good for up to 2 hours… then becomes more subtle and sits close to the skin. Lasts about 6–7 plus hours.

Simply put:

A classy, clean, fresh scent — done in the best possible way.

Bonus: The bottle looks classy with excellent attention to detail… And would make a nice gift.

The hand-tied knot around the neck is made out of the gabardine fabric that Thomas Burberry invented.

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#4 Burberry London for Men

A bottle of Burberry London for Men

Spicy, Fruity Tobacco & Leather

This is super unique and screams quality.

Let’s break it down:

Burberry London opens up with a sweet, warm, earthy pine needle vibe with whispers of cinnamon.

When it starts to dry down… sweet cherry pipe tobacco and a leather, smoky woody vibe join the party — giving it a sweet, spicy, fruity green vibe.

And hat’s off to Burberry… this is perfectly blended and smells natural. And in my opinion, is one of the best tobacco fragrances on the market.

Cool Weather

Best suited for the mature 25-up crowd and for cooler weather: fall and winter.

Do not wear this in the high heat or you will suffocate people. 🙂

Perfect for casual use, family events, dinner with friends. If you go with one spray it could also make a nice office scent.

Elegant, Warm & Comforting

To be clear:

This is not a clubbing fragrance; it’s an elegant warm comforting scent.

Burberry London is an EDT and has about 5-6 plus hours of lasting power.

And also has good projection for up to 2 hours… then becomes more subtle and sits close to the skin.

Side note: the bottle looks pretty cool; it’s wrapped in the iconic Burberry check material which is adhered to the bottle.

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#3 Mr Burberry EDP

A bottle of Mr Burberry EDP

A Warm, Spicy-Fresh Woody Fragrance

Here’s the skinny…

Burberry commissioned world renowned master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian to create Mr Burberry EDP — and he didn’t disappoint. Let’s take a sniff…

Spicy Grapefruit Citrus

This starts off with a blast of bittersweet, fresh grapefruit citrus mixed with a minty herbal vibe… with hints of cardamom, cinnamon and other spices.

As it dries down… the grapefruit fades, and some amber, patchouli, and woods creep in and add some warm herbal earthy sweetness. The scent gets darker and warmer…

And it smells GREAT. 🙂

The beautiful part…

Super Versatile

Mr Burberry EDP is super versatile: All ages (20-up), all situations: formal, office, casual, dates, dinner, nights out…

And suitable for all seasons — just adjust your sprays (except the high summer heat).

It projects nicely for up to 2 hours… then becomes more subtle and sits closer to the skin. We got around 6–7 plus hours of lasting power.

Thumbs up.

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#2 Burberry Hero EDT

A bottle of Burberry Hero EDT

Modern Woody-Freshness

Before I tell you about Burberry’s Hero, a quick heads-up:

If you’re looking for a flamboyant scent that is going to dominate the room… or something hyper complex or “off the beaten path”, then you’re going to be sorely disappointed, because this one is…

Beautifully Simple

And I’ll keep it simple for you, my friend:

Hero is a modern, simplistic, woody-fresh scent with a classy touch to it. It’s understated and smells super-clean, which makes it a pleasure for you to wear pretty much anywhere, anytime, anyplace, any season. It just — works!

Let me give you a quick breakdown:

The second Hero hits your skin, the bright, fresh bergamot citrus gives you an immediate boost of confidence. It has an uplifting fresh-fizzy feel to it.

And as soon as the citrus dissipates, freshly-cut cedarwood makes itself known — joined with some juniper and a sprinkling of pepper.

The juniper adds a little bit of a fresh green edge to the soft peppery woods, and it’s…

Light & Airy

And, finally, as it dries down, you get an absolute pinch of underlining sweetness.

It’s clean… It’s fresh… And it’s woody!

Why mess with what works?

Sidenote: Apparently, this is composed of 3 different varieties of high-quality cedar oils, from the mountainous regions of Atlas, the Himalayas, and the Appalachians.

A bottle of Burberry Hero EDT in front of 3 freshly cut wooden logs with a forest background.
Hero contains a blend of 3 different high-quality cedarwood oils.

Not gonna lie, though — it just smells like cedar, to me. 🙂


Hero is an EDT and is light and airy, and projects mildly off the skin (say, half an arm’s length) for up to 1-2 hours, then sits courteously close to the skin — giving off nice, gentle wafts when you move about.

Therefore, it’s tailor-made for situations when you don’t want to offend other people around you, but you still want to have that fresh, clean, appealing confidence. So…

As I mentioned earlier, I think Hero can be worn for pretty much any occasion, casually or professionally — year-round (just modulate your sprays depending on the situation/temperature).

Plus, it’s one that could be enjoyed by all ages.

By the way, it makes for an absolute killer office scent, as it has a professional vibe to it.

Modern & Minimalistic

Now, I’ll be straight with you; lasting performance was a bit iffy — it was all over the place. In our tests, depending on the wearer and temperature, it lasted anywhere from 4–8 hours. So your mileage may vary.

Hold your horses, I almost forgot…

Just like the scent itself, the bottle also has a modern, minimalistic look. It’s heavy, thick glass and is topped off with a handy magnetic cap, which has the brand’s TB logo engraved on the top (the founders initials).

A bottle of Burberry Hero EDT in the hand showing a close-up of the brand’s TB logo embossed on the top of the bottle’s cap.
The bottle’s cap is magnetic and has the brand’s founder’s initials, TB, embossed on the top.

Apparently, the shape of the bottle is designed to be reminiscent of a horse’s hoof. Coming from the theme of the Hero commercial featuring superstar actor Adam Driver, where he races a horse on the beach and ends up morphing into a Centaur (a half-man, half-horse mythical creature). Pretty cool. Anyways…

What’s the key takeaway?

Hero is pretty simple, but ultra-effective.

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#1 Burberry Touch for Men

A bottle of Burberry Touch for Men

A Touch of Class

First things first…

This is not a super-masculine cologne; it walks the line of unisex. That said, the woods and pepper keep it on the masculine side. Let me tell you how it smells…

Semi-Sweet, Clean Freshness

Burberry Touch opens up with a blast of violet leaf mixed with a hint of citruses and pepper — to give you a semi-sweet, slightly powdery, clean soapy spicy vibe.


When it starts to dry down… some woods and white musk creep in to smooth everything out.

It’s soft ,clean, and smells extremely pleasing. And you’ll be pleased to know this is…

Hyper Versatile

Any age, all seasons (except on hot summer days, as it can get cloying).

It’s office safe, and great for casual use, dates, nights out etc…

Burberry Touch is an EDT and is not a projection monster. It’s soft and refined… and doesn’t shout out for attention.

Soft & Refined

It projects nicely for the first few hours… then becomes more subtle and sits closer to the skin. Lasts around 7–8 plus hours.

Big thumbs up.

Side note: the bottle looks classy, and comes in a charcoal plaid Burberry check box, with a unique vintage button & string closure.

Nice touch. 🙂

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Bonus 1: Burberry The Beat for Men

A bottle of Burberry The Beat for Men

A Fresh Peppery Woody Scent


This was previously our #6 pick on the list, but as it has been discontinued, we have included it here as a bonus, because you can still find it. Although, it’s getting harder and harder. Anyway..

This isn’t for everybody. Why?

Burberry the Beat is a unique and masculine fresh, peppery scent.

And the star of this fragrance is a black pepper note. So if you don’t like pepper, this is (definitely) NOT for you.

With that said:

Burberry the Beat was co-created by legendary master perfumer Olivier Polge, — who is currently the in-house head perfumer for Chanel. So you’re in good hands.

How’s it smell? Let me break it down for you…

Fresh & Peppery

Burberry the Beat opens with a burst of lemon citruses mixed with heavy dose of black pepper and violet leaf.

And, as it dries down… some vetiver and woody notes shine through.

It gives off this nice fresh green peppery woody scent.

Speaking of… if you love woody scents, be sure to check out our best sandalwood colognes list. Lots of wood there. 🙂


Now, this is more for the mature 20-up crowd for the spring, fall and winter.

And more suited for a casual hanging-out fragrance.

Burberry the Beat is an EDT and has moderate projection… but be careful not to overspray. And in our tests, it lasted about 6-8 plus hours.

Great. 🙂

Side note: the bottle is pretty cool; it has a check pattern on the glass and a leather type strap with a Burberry engraved tag on it.

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Bonus 2: Burberry Brit Rhythm Intense

A bottle of Burberry Brit Rhythm Intense

A Sweet Spicy Leathery Woody Scent

This is a hidden gem. 🙂


This, too, has been discontinued and is now getting hard to find. So I included it here as a bonus pick.

Now, to be perfectly clear:

Burberry Brit Rhythm Intense smells nothing like the original Burberry Brit (which is a spicy powdery rose scent).

Also there is a Burberry Brit Rhythm. Which is similar, but not the same scent. So please keep that in mind. Confusing right?

Anyway… With all that said:

Master Perfumer

To create this scent, Burberry commissioned none other than Dominique Ropion, widely considered to be the industry’s best perfumer.

And he didn’t disappoint. 🙂

Let’s break it down…

Sweet, Spicy & Fruity

Brit Rhythm Intense opens up with a fresh spicy slightly sweet fruity minty vibe.

When it starts to settle… the star of the show, the leather, makes an appearance. And is eventually joined with some woods and vanilla to smooth everything over. Nice.

HUGE compliment getter.

Cool Weather

This is more suited for the under 40 crowd and best worn in the cooler weather: spring, fall and winter.

Now, a quick word of warning:

Do not rock this in the high summer heat as you will choke people out.

Dates, Nights Out, Clubbing…

Perfect for casual, dates, nights out, bars, clubbing …you get the idea.

And could even be worn in the office: if you’re careful with the sprayer.

Brit Rhythm Intense is an EDT and has great projection for up to 3 hours… then starts to settle down. Lasts about 6–8 plus hours.

Good stuff. (If you can find it, that is.)

Side note: The bottle is pretty cool with a ridged check pattern effect.

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