Top 7 Best Versace Colognes for Men

Best Smelling Versace Colognes — Ranked

By BeautypertMarch 28, 2019

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Best Versace Cologne

Want to know what the best Versace colognes for men are?

Then you’re in the right place, my friend.

Versace have some amazing colognes in their line-up… So naturally, we decided to test, review and rank them — to find out which Versace cologne is best.

The good news?

In this post we are going to share our results with you. 🙂

Sound good?

Let’s dive right in…

#7 Versace Oud Noir

A Sophisticated Woody Scent

This is the brand’s take on a safe, easy-to-wear, Oud based scent. And they nailed it!

Now, in case you don’t know… Oud is a scented resin that is distilled from the rare agarwood tree. And due to its rarity, Oud is super expensive.

(Speaking of… to see our favorite Oud colognes go here.)

And to be honest…

Some traditional Oud fragrances can be very off-putting and in-your-face. But this is NOT one of those. In fact, the Oud in Oud Noir is very subtle, and only plays a small supporting role in the fragrance.

Let me break it down for you:

Warm & Spicy

The scent opens up with a slightly fresh and slightly spicy, dark woody vibe. And…

When it starts to settle, you get a nice semi-sweet Oud wood and leather combo. The spicy notes keep the Oud under control, making it safe and mass-appealing.

(By the way, if you love woodsy colognes, be sure to also check our best sandalwood colognes list.)

It’s dark, warm, and boozy. And smells very sophisticated and expensive.


Now, this is best worn on cool spring days, fall and winter. The summer is a big no-no (too heavy). And is GREAT for formal situations, dates, nights out, etc…

This is a mature fragrance, so I suggest for the 25-up crowd. Also, this is not a projection monster of a scent, it’s subtle, and has average lasting power.

BIG thumbs up! 👍

Side note: The bottle looks gorgeous.

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#6 Versace Man

Hidden Gem

Because of the big guns dominating the brand’s line-up… This gets mostly overlooked. Shame.

Because, make no mistake:

This stuff smells GREAT 🙂

Dark, Spicy & Masculine

This is a dark, spicy, sexy masculine scent. It’s super unique, and smells mature and sophisticated. Let’s take a closer look…

This opens up with a slightly sweet spicy tobacco vibe, with hints of bright citrus.

Now, when it starts to calm down, it becomes darker… and you’re left with a slightly sweet tobacco note, sprinkled with spices and woods. Nice.

(By the way, if you love tobacco scents, discover our top picks here.)

Warm Spicy-Sweetness

This is a refined mature scent, that smells high quality. So more suited for the 25-up crowd.

And is great for all occasions (days or nights) in the fall, winter and cooler spring days.

The best part?

This is super long lasting. So go easy with the sprayer, as this jumps off the skin.

Good Stuff!

UPDATE: Sadly, this has now been discontinued, and is getting difficult to find (and more expensive). However, you can still find it online… So grab it while you still can!

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#5 Versace Man Eau Fraiche

Summer in a Bottle

Don’t sleep on this one. This is a super-fresh citrusy aquatic, and it smells GREAT in the high summer heat.

But here’s the thing…

This is not your typical aquatic cologne, because it has a unique star fruit note. Let’s break it down:

This opens up with a blast of super-fresh citruses, mixed with a nice fruity aquatic vibe (which comes from the star fruit). And…

Fruity Tropical Vibe

When it starts to settle, you get a beautiful woody base, with whispers of spices – which give it a nice, fruity tropical vibe. It’s super safe, clean, bright and uplifting. And it smells awesome.

A quick word of warning though:

Don’t go heavy with the sprays, as this one projects like crazy for the first few hours. 2-3 sprays MAX…

…and you’re set. 🙂

Perfect for Summer

This is best worn in the spring/summer, as it does not perform well in cold temperatures.

(Speaking of… to discover more fragrances that work amazing in the high heat, check out our best summer colognes list. And for our cold weather recommendations, check our fall and winter list.)


This has a youthful vibe to it, but can be worn by all ages. Great for casual use, shorts and a T-shirt, pool parties, trips to the beach, etc…

And it has decent lasting power for being a citrus based scent.

Simply put:

If you are looking for compliments from women. Get this. 🙂

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#4 Versace Eros Flame

A More Refined Version of Eros

Eros Flame is the new version of the original Versace Eros.

However, this new version takes a slightly different direction, but still shares many similarities.

You’re probably wondering what the differences are. Here’s what we found:

Versace Eros Flame Vs Versace Eros

Eros Flame is a more citrusy and spicy version of the original Eros. It’s not as sharp, or as sweet, and does not have the mint and apple notes.

In fact:

Eros Flame is slightly tamed down. It’s more refined and smoother, and more mature… making it a little bit more easier to wear in different situations.


Once you get into the heart and dry down of the fragrance, they both smell very similar. However, Eros Flame is not as loud or as sweet.

With all that said, let’s take a closer look…

Bright Citrusy Sweetness

Eros Flame is a sweet citrusy spicy woody fragrance.

And this opens up with a blast of bright citrusy sweetness, mixed with a nice spicy vibe… with hints of wood in the background. The citrus notes last the entire life of the fragrance.

Once the citrus starts to settle, you get a nice, smooth, green herbal undertone from the rosemary.

And finally:

Eros Flame dries down to a nice woody spicy creamy-vanilla (with the citrus notes still present).

Days or Nights

Suitable for days or nights. And best for the fall, winter and cooler spring days. However, do not rock this in the high-summer heat.


This has a younger vibe, but can be used by all ages. Great for casual use, dates, parties, nights out, and of course clubbing… You get the idea 🙂

(That said, the original Eros is still the better choice for a clubbing scent, as it’s more sweeter and more louder.)

And the good news…

It’s super long lasting, just like the original, but a little more subtle.

And, just like the original Eros, this will be sure to bag you LOTS (and lots!) of compliments.

Ain’t complaining. 🙂

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#3 Versace Pour Homme

A Modern Classic

This is a safe, mass-appealing, fresh citrusy aquatic… with a nice hint of sweetness. And it’s a HUGE compliment getter. 🙂

Now, today this is still one of the best-in-the-game when it comes to fresh aquatic colognes.

In fact:

This was created by the master of aquatic fragrances himself, World renowned perfumer Alberto Morillas. (Who’s responsible for creating classics, such as Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio and Calvin Klein CK One.)

By the way:

This gets compared to a more expensive scent called Chanel Allure Homme Sport. And to be honest, they do smell very similar.

However, Allure Homme Sport is more creamy and thicker, whilst Versace Pour Homme has a more airy and fresher vibe.

With that said, let’s take a look…

Super Fresh & Energetic

This opens up with a blast of bright citruses with woody notes in the background… and a nice pinch of tonka bean sweetness. It smells super fresh and energetic.

And as it settles, you can detect soft musky nuances in the background. It’s smooth and very well blended.

The best part?

Super Versatile

This is super versatile. You can rock this dressed up, dressed down, anywhere, anytime… All ages, all seasons. Dates, at the office, nights out, clubbing, casual, you name it!


Where it truly shines is in the spring and summer… and it would make a GREAT signature scent for the warm weather.

(Speaking of… for more amazing warm weather fragrances, check out our favorite summer colognes list.)


This has good lasting performance for being an aquatic based scent, but don’t expect miracles.🙂

Here’s a tip that works great:

Simply give your clothes a quick spritz for longer lasting performance. Sorted.

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#2 Versace Eros (EDT Version)

A Sweet-Sexy Compliment Getter

Eros is the God of Love… And this is an appropriate name for this fragrance, because this is arguably the best smelling Versace cologne.

By the way, this is THE fragrance for guys looking to attract women. 🙂

Now, to be clear, Eros is currently available in 3 different concentrations (an EDT, an EDP and a Parfum version), and they all smell slightly different.

This is the original EDT (Eau de Toilette) version, which we (and our test panel) think smells the best and is also the overall best bang-for-your-buck! Anyway…

You’re probably wondering:

What Does Versace Eros Smell Like?

This is a masculine, sweet, sexy, minty fragrance. Eros is a very playful and attention grabbing scent… which (understandably) garners a TON of compliments.

Let’s break it down…

Fresh Minty Apple

This opens up with a burst of citruses, mixed with a fresh apple and minty vibe… with a nice underlying sweetness. And…

When it starts to settle down, you still get that nice minty apple vibe… But the sweetness starts to ramp up, as it is joined with a gorgeous creamy-vanilla woody backbone. And it smells GREAT.

Make no mistake:

This will get you noticed. ‘Nough said. 🙂

A Clubbing King & Perfect for Dates

Now, this is more suited for the younger crowd, but can be worn by all ages. Great for casual use, dates, nights-out, parties, bars, etc… And is an amazing clubbing cologne.

This is more suited for the fall, winter and cooler spring nights. Do not use this is the high summer heat – or you will choke people out (it will become overly sweet).

Now, a quick word of warning:

Eros is super long lasting and projects like crazy! Please do not overspray this. 1-3 sprays MAX…

… and you’re set.

Works like a charm. 🙂

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#1 Versace Dylan Blue

Anytime – Anywhere

I’ll make it super easy for you:

Dylan Blue is a mass-appealing, super-versatile, fresh-fruity masculine scent.

Now, this has a TON of different fragrance notes, but they have all been blended beautifully to create a modern sexy fragrance.

Let me give you a quick rundown:

Modern & Mass Appealing

This opens up with a super fresh-fruity aquatic vibe… mixed with a nice slight hint of sweetness.

And when it starts to settle, the scent is joined with whispers of smoky incense and masculine woody nuances.

It’s fresh, its modern, its sexy.

The best part?

Dylan Blue is super versatile: All ages, all seasons, and all occasions. Casual, dressed up, dates, the gym, the office, nights out, clubbing, you name it!

(And because this is so versatile and mass-appealing, it would also make the perfect gift for a loved one.)

Even better…

Great Lasting Power

For being a fresh fragrance, this has great lasting power. Two thumbs up.

The bottom line:

If you’re looking for a safe, crowd-pleasing fragrance, which will bag you some nice compliments… to wear in ANY season, for just about ANY situation…

Then I urge you to try this.

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Bonus: Versace The Dreamer

Unique & Daring

This didn’t make it into our top 7 list, simply because it may be too challenging for some people (especially if you’re new fragrances).

But we have included it here as an honourable mention because it should definitely not be overlooked.

Make no mistake:

The Dreamer is an amazing fragrance, you just have to have the right style to pull it off.


This is a sweet clean floral scent with a tobacco note. It smells mysterious, and the longer it’s on your skin… the better the scent becomes.

(speaking of… to discover our favorite tobacco colognes go here.)

Let’s take a look:

Clean Soapy Lavender

The Dreamer opens with an orange and powdery lavender vibe. To be honest, the opening can be harsh to some people… but give it 20 minutes to settle, and things start to get better. 🙂

Once it starts to calm down, the florals and sweet tobacco start to shine through. And it gives off a clean soapy lavender vibe.


When it finally dries down, you get a green sweet woody floral vibe, mixed with tobacco and some sweet vanilla.


Best for the cooler spring days, fall and winter. Avoid wearing in the high-heat.

To be clear:

This is mature scent, and more suited for the 25-up crowd… and can even be classed as a unisex fragrance.

Great for semi-formal, casual, dates, nights out and it also has long lasting performance.

The bottom line:

A unique amazing fragrance, but not everyone can rock this.

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Now, it’s your turn…

We would love to hear from you:

What do you think is the best smelling Versace cologne? What ones do you own?

Or maybe you have a question.

Either way, please let us know by leaving a comment below right now.

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