The Top 10 Best Jasmine Perfumes

By BeautypertAugust 6, 2023

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A bottle of Dior Pure Poison resting on a bed of jasmine flowers in the middle of a round woven basket.

This is an up-to-date list of the 10 best jasmine perfume available today.

And to clarify, my friend:

This is not just a random list of scents that simply happen to “include” the note of jasmine as part of their overall note breakdown. Because…

To help you find the best one for your needs, we thoroughly tested 56 different “true” jasmine fragrances.

Meaning, it’s the prominent note. It’s up front — and the “star of the show,” so to speak. We then short-listed them to only ten.

And we believe, these jasmine scented perfumes below are all great options, as they offer a mix of supporting notes and styles… and for different usages and seasons to suit your needs — all at various price points.

And for each scent, we’ll briefly discuss how they smell and the other key notes that set them apart from the other picks on the list. And also how long they last etc.

So let’s jump right in:

#10 Michael Kors Glam Jasmine

A bottle of Michael Kors Glam Jasmine resting on a bed of jasmine flowers in a round woven basket.

Clean & Fresh!

OK, my friend, let’s start this jasmine based perfume list off with this simple (yet elegant), slightly sweet and fresh white floral.

In fact, let me just tell you how it smells:

This one opens up with a blast of clean smelling jasmine… mixed with some other soft white floral notes and a hint of green freshness.

As it settles on your skin, however, the green note quickly fades — making way for the jasmine to bloom in all her glory!

And the beautiful part:

As it blooms, it’s also joined with a hint of cassis (these are blackcurrant buds), which adds a beautiful…

Kiss of Juicy Sweetness

And finally, when it’s dried down, all of these soft white floral notes end up sitting on a subtle warm sandalwood base.

The result?

This soft creamy-woody base lends a sexy and sophisticated edge to the scent. A HUGE compliment getter, by the way.

And the good news:

Glam Jasmine is highly versatile: As it’s suitable for all ages for days or nights — and for all seasons and all occasions. (Shines in the spring and summer, though.)

All-Purpose Do-It-All

For dates and romantic, elegant occasions… to casual daily wear. And is even work/office safe (if sprayed lightly).

What’s that you say? Does it last long?

Well my friend, this is an EDP, and during our tests (performed in warm weather), we found it to emit about an arm’s length off skin — leaving a beautiful scent trail behind you.

We then found it to slowly subside, of course, and linger on for a decent 4–6 hours.

Oh, and it’s worth mentioning:

The bottle looks gorgeous; plus, its elegant tall, thin design make it effortlessly slip in your handbag/purse… so you can always have it with you “on-the-go” — for instant freshening up!

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#9 Burberry London for Women

A bottle of Burberry London for women resting on a bed of jasmine flowers in a round woven basket.

Jasmine & Honeysuckle with A Citrusy Orange Twist

OK, next up, we have an elegant, ladylike option from the iconic British fashion house: Burberry.

Let’s give it a quick spray…

Burberry London for Her opens with a fresh burst of sparkling tangerine citrus, mixed with sweet honeysuckle.

However, the citrus quickly burns off… and then the jasmine steps up and takes center stage alongside the honeysuckle.

Plus, they are both supported with hints of peony and rose sitting in the background.

But here’s the beautiful part:

Fresh, Smooth & Creamy

As it develops, it smooths out beautifully and takes on a nice creamy feel — while still retaining a hint of orange fruitiness.

And finally, a touch of slightly powdery, clean white musk and sandalwood poke through to add some sophisticated, warm depth to the composition.

Very elegant.

Now, because of this sophisticated, elegant vibe, I think it will appeal more to the mature 25-up crowd.

And also, it’s more appropriate for the cooler months: fall, winter (and cooler spring days). As we found this to get cloying when it was worn in the heat.

Perfect Daily Go-To

It’s the perfect everyday go-to for days or nights: work, office (spray lightly), casual, nights out, dates, etc.

However, a quick word of warning:

This is quite strong — so be careful with the sprayer. (We found 2 sprays was more than enough — not complaining!) 🙂

Plus, Burberry London is an EDP, and our test subjects all reported it had a moderate (arm’s length) projection for up to a good 4 hours.

It then sits pretty close to the skin, but lasts 5–9 plus hours.

Bonus: the bottle looks gorgeous; as it’s wrapped in the iconic “Burberry check” material, which is adhered to the bottle.

Nicely finished.

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#8 Elie Saab Le Parfum

A bottle of Elie Saab Le Parfum resting on a bed of jasmine flowers in a round woven basket.

Jasmine & Orange Blossom — With A Drop of Sweet Golden Honey

Here’s what you need to know:

2 types of jasmine (grandiflorum and sambac) have been masterfully blended with a nice dose of warm golden honey to create this luxuriously sophisticated white floral.

Elie who?

Well my friend, you may not know who or what Elie Saab is (I didn’t). But, more importantly, the actual “juice” inside this gorgeous, elegant bottle was actually created by one of the…

World’s Most Respected Perfumers

Yep, it’s true. More specifically, superstar perfumer Francis Kurkdjian (who, by the way, is now the head perfumer for DIOR).

'Perfume as a work of art is a transmitted expression on intimacy.’ — Francis KurkdjianClick To Tweet

And apparently, he first created 279 trial versions of Elie Saab Le Parfum before he finally perfected this beauty.

Oh, and by the way…

I have now learned that Elie Saab is a Lebanese fashion designer famous for his haute couture dresses and gowns — which, incidentally, have been worn by royalty and are a red-carpet favorite for many movie stars. Anyways…

Enough babble — let me just tell you how it smells…

As soon as you spray Elie Saab Le Parfum, you’re greeted with a blast of…

Fresh Sweet Orange Blossom

And to be brutally honest, I’m not a fan of this opening, as it’s slightly harsh (to my nose). But here’s the beautiful part…

As it starts to settle, soft creamy jasmine creeps in and morphs beautifully with the sparkling orange blossom — with a hint of slightly powdery, honey sweetness (it’s not overly sweet, though).

That’s more like it. 🙂

And, as it develops on your skin… a hint of patchouli and woods show up in the background to give it some nice earthy warmth.

Even better!

And you’ll be pleased to know, this is…


As it’s an all seasons go-to for a sophisticated mature woman — suggest 25+. (Just spray lightly in summer.)

Special occasions, dates, office friendly, nights out. You name it.

Now, despite its name, Elie Saab Le Parfum is actually an Eau de Parfum. And in testing, we discovered it to project mildly off skin (within arm’s length) for the first few hours of wear.

Then after that, it sits politely closer to the skin (giving off nice gentle wafts), but lasts about 5–9 plus hours.

Classy stuff!

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#7 Aerin Ikat Jasmine by Estee Lauder

A bottle of Aerin Ikat Jasmine resting on a bed of jasmine flowers in a round woven basket.

A Modern Soft White Floral

Ikat Jasmine is part of Estee Lauder’sAerin” Fragrance Collection.

In case you don’t know…

Aerin are a luxury lifestyle brand created and named after Aerin Lauder, who is the granddaughter of Josephine Estée Lauder (the founder of the Estée Lauder brand).

So what’s Ikat then?

You see, the collection was inspired and named after fabrics that Aerin uses in her creations (ikat is fabric made using a special tie-dye technique). Anyway…

Premium Quality

Put simply:

Two types of premium jasmine oil (sambac & Egyptian grandiflorum), from the oil house Firmenich, have been beautifully blended by their master perfumer Honorine Blanc — to create a high-quality, fresh, modern jasmine scent.

In fact, let me break it down for you…

Ikat Jasmine opens with a burst of fresh, clean jasmine… mixed with some tuberose and a nice hint of honeysuckle sweetness.

It’s soft, it’s light, and it’s airy (not the heady or cloying type).

Now, as it settles… the tuberose fades into the background — revealing the beautiful soft sweet jasmine, sitting on top of a creamy sandalwood base. It’s…

Modern, Youthful & Elegant

This makes it a go-to fragrance for all ages, for all seasons… and for all occasions (blooms off your skin in the spring and summer, though).

But I’ll be straight with you, my friend…

To be crystal clear: Performance is not the greatest. You see, although this is an EDP, but during testing, we found it to project very softy for the first few hours.

Soft, Light & Airy

Then it simply becomes a beautiful soft sweet creamy skin scent (that lasts about 3-6 plus hours).

With all that said, this smells so good — so we didn’t mind re-applying.

Oh, and did I mention the bottle is gorgeous?

Yes, it looks very classy and is crowned with a white colored stone, which signifies the color of jasmine.

Nice touch.

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#6 Montale Jasmin Full

A bottle of Montale Jasmin Full resting on a bed of jasmine flowers in a round woven basket.

Arabian Sambac Jasmine

The name on the tin says it all…

You see, “Full” is the Arabic name for Sambac Jasmine. And you’ll be happy to know, Montale deliver on their promise!

What’s that? You say who are Montale?

Ah… if you didn’t know, Montale are a French niche perfume house known for their powerful, long-lasting fragrances… and this does not disappoint. But…

I’ll be straight with you, my friend:

To my nose, the opening of this is quite harsh and is not the greatest (it’s not for the faint hearted, either). But, trust me, it eventually smooths out into something that smells a LOT better!

Because, after about 10–15 minutes, it settles down and ends up smelling just like a fragrant sweet sambac jasmine bush — in full bloom on a warm summer night. Seriously.

In a word:


What’s more, some honeysuckle and orange blossom turn up to give it the perfect amount of sweetness and a nice soapy freshness.

Now, this is more suited for the mature 20-up crowd and makes for a perfect daily go-to for the spring and cooler summer days.

As we found on really hot summer days this was a no-no, as it becomes too overwhelming.

You see, this is an EDP concentration, and I gotta say, it’s a…


Yup, it’s true. As this has a HUGE sillage (scent trail). So the good news…

You only need to apply 1 or 2 sprays. And even better, in our tests, we found it could last, easily, up to 9 plus hours — on skin. Oh, and before I forget….

I should point something out:

Montale use super-lightweight aluminium bottles. So when your new bottle arrives, it may not feel like it’s completely full.

But don’t worry, my friend, this is normal (because of how light the metal can is), but it causes a lot of confusion. Anyways…

Don’t sleep on this one.

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#5 Diptyque Olene

A bottle of Diptyque Olene resting on a bed of jasmine flowers in a round woven basket.

Super Realistic

The first thing you need to know is…

This is not a complex scent. What you get is a nearly photorealistic scent of jasmine. In fact, so much so…

That Olene even received 4 out of 5 stars from the world’s best known fragrance critic, Luca Turin, in the book he co-authored: Perfumes: The A-Z Guide.

Impressive. (He’s hard to please.) 🙂

(If you’re unaware… Diptyque are a French perfume house that create luxury fragrances and scented candles.)

Let’s give it a quick test spray…

Floral Glory

Olene opens up in all her full floral glory — with a strong blast of jasmine, narcissus, honeysuckle, and wisteria… with a hint of greenness running through the scent.

And I’m going to be straight with you…

This opening, to my nose, is quite aggressive. But please, my friend, don’t judge the fragrance just yet… Give it about 15 minutes for the magic to happen. Stay with me…

Okay, fast-forward 15 minutes, it starts to smooth out… and the jasmine finally steps up and takes centre stage… and then all the other florals morph beautifully into the background.

The result?

Fresh, clean creamy jasmine — with a hint of sweet honeysuckle and a green soapy undertone.

And hats off to Diptyque because it smells almost like a…

Photorealistic Floral Bouquet

Seriously. And on that note, let me clarify:

I would not recommend Olene for the younger crowd; it has a mature ladylike feel to it. However, it doesn’t smell “old,” so to speak… Just very, very elegant.

Now, Olene currently only comes in an EDT concentration, and we found it to project moderately off skin for the first few hours of wear (leaving a noticeable scent trail).

It then slowly fades and sticks around for about 5–6 plus hours. And I would say, it’s more suited for the spring and cooler summer days (or nights).

Oh, before I forget: This can be overwhelming if over-sprayed. So I would suggest you stick with 1–2 sprays and you’re set.

Bottom line:

Diptyque Olene is an absolute must-try for jasmine lovers.

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#4 Mugler Alien EDP

A bottle of Mugler Alien resting on a bed of jasmine flowers in a round woven basket.

A Dark & Sexy Head-Turner

Alien! Fancy seeing you here!

I know, I know — a best jasmine perfumes list would NOT be complete without Alien.

But here’s the caveat, my friend:

If you don’t know, Alien is a strong, distinct, intoxicating, head-turning scent — and, quite frankly, is not for the faint of heart. Trust me on this, my friend.

In fact, let me make it super easy for you:


Mixing some strong fragrant sweet jasmine… with some dark, syrupy purple-colored grape soda (crazy, right?). And buried underneath all this is a layer of warm musky woods.

Imagining it? Good. Now you understand Mugler Alien. And to clarify it’s…

Rich, Dark & Mysterious

And when you wear it, people stop in their tracks — watch heads turn… People will want to know what you’re wearing.

But it’s worth repeating, my friend, Alien is loud and distinctive, and you have to be confident — or she will end up wearing you. 🙂

Now, Alien is more geared for the mature 25-up crowd for night usage in fall, winter, and cool spring nights. And trust me — avoid the summer as this gets overpoweringly-sweet.

It’s a unique scent, which is more suited for special occasions, dates, nights out, clubbing, etc.

That said… If you’re careful (very careful) with the sprayer… you can use it in the daytime. But I wouldn’t recommend wearing it if you work in close proximity to other co-workers.

Oh, and we are happy to report, this is…

Super. Long. Lasting.

For the first 5–6 hours, Alien jumps off your skin and leaves an alluring scent trail in your wake.

It then slowly becomes more subtle and wafts around for up to 10 plus hours!

Now, a friendly warning:

Please don’t go crazy with the sprayer. Seriously, this projects like crazy! And if over-sprayed, could easily fill a room up.

Side note: just like the fragrance, the bottle is also super unique and is reminiscent of a sacred stone.

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#3 Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge

A bottle of Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge resting on a bed of jasmine flowers in a round woven basket.

A Premium Jasmine

This FiFi award winning fragrance is part of Tom Ford’s luxury Private Blend Collection. This is a premium collection, which are created in collaboration with world renowned perfumers, using super high-quality ingredients.

Speaking of… if you want to discover more of their top scents, check out our best Tom Ford perfume for men list — because nearly all of them are unisex.

But here’s the thing:

If you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s going to cost you. I get it.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand…


Jasmin Rouge has a TON of different fragrance notes, which have all been masterfully blended to create a modern soft, sweet, spicy jasmine scent.

And apparently… this contains sambac jasmine sepals absolute (an ingredient previously never used before in perfumery). In fact, let me give you a quick rundown…

Sweet & Buttery

Jasmin Rouge opens up with sweet, buttery sambac jasmine mixed with a splash of bergamot and mandarin orange citruses… and whispers of spices.

To be honest, the first 15 minutes are quite loud (to my nose). But stay with me…

Because when it starts to calm… the soft, sweet, buttery jasmine is joined with some ylang-ylang and some peppery-cinnamon and ginger notes.

And as the fragrance develops:

Some leather appears… joined with some woodiness and just a…

Touch of Vanilla Sweetness

And the addition of both the woods and vanilla leave you with a gorgeous sweet, woody spicy jasmine vibe.

It’s warm, it’s classy, and it’s incredibly sexy. And the beautiful part:

It’s also ultra-versatile, as it’s suitable for just about… All ages. All seasons. And all occasions (except on super-hot days, that is).


Dressed up or dressed down. For the office, casual wear, nights out, special occasions. And perfect for classy date nights, by the way.

Now, Jasmin Rouge is an EDP, and we concluded that it could radiate off skin, around an arm’s length, for up to the first 2 hours of application.

After that, it pulls back and sits closer to the wearer. And we averaged 5–8 plus hours before it disappeared (lasts longer on clothes, of course).

Final note:

I must say, that deep red-colored bottle is simply gorgeous.

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#2 Jo Malone Jasmine Sambac & Marigold

A bottle of Jo Malone Jasmine Sambac & Marigold resting on a bed of jasmine flowers in a round woven basket.

An Addictive White Floral

The name on the bottle says it all…

More specifically, a luxurious sambac jasmine and marigold combo — supported with soft yellow florals and a gentle kiss of golden-honeyed sweetness. Love it.

Oh, and speaking of Jo Malone… discover more of our best smelling Jo Malone perfumes, in a recent shootout post we did. Spoiler alert: this is one of them! Anyway…

Let’s take a quick look at this one:

Clean, Fresh & Dewy

This opens with a burst of clean, fresh, sweet sambac jasmine and marigold — with a hint of ylang-ylang.

And as it dries down on your skin… it smooths out and takes on a warm and creamy feel —with a nice hint of honey/vanilla sweetness.

And hats off to Jo Malone.

Because the quality here is top notch, as it smells super, SUPER realistic. Seriously.

And you’ll be pleased to know, this is also…


Yep — good for all seasons, all occasions, days or nights. For work, the office, dressed up, dressed down, special occasions, dates — you name it!

That said, I would exclude it on super-hot days, though. And note, it’s more suited for the mature 20-up crowd.

Now, despite the name “intense” on the bottle, this is not an overpowering scent.

You see, all our test subjects reported it to have a moderate arm’s length projection for the first few hours. And they also noted that it leaves a…

Beautiful Scent Trail

After those first few hours, though, they reported that it then sits closer to the skin, but lingers around in the air for a good 4–8 plus hours.

Not complaining. 🙂

Oh, I should also mention:

Jo Malone recently updated the bottle design of their “Cologne Intense” collection to the style picture below on the right (next to the previous bottle design on the left).

An old-style bottle of Jo Malone Jasmine Sambac & Marigold next to the new style bottle of the same scent. Both bottles are resting on a bed of jasmine flowers in a round woven basket. A red arrow points from the old-style bottle, on the left, to the new style bottle, on the right.
New bottle design — same great smell.

Please note: A lot of places still carry the previous bottle design (pictured on the left). But don’t worry, it’s the same juice — in a different bottle.

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#1 Dior Pure Poison

A bottle of Dior Pure Poison resting on a bed of jasmine flowers in a round woven basket.

Pure Magic

Here’s what you need to know:

This masterpiece from Dior was created in collaboration with…

3 superstar perfumers:

  • Carlos Benaim (An International Flavors & Fragrances appointed Master Perfumer)
  • Dominique Ropion (Widely considered to be the industry’s best perfumer) and…
  • Olivier Polge (Now the head perfumer at Chanel — enough said)

Wow! 3 “heavy hitters” there… But did they “deliver the goods”?

(Spoiler alert: Yes, they did!) 🙂

Let’s take a quick smell…

Soft, Fresh, Creamy White Florals

Pure Poison opens with a medley of fresh white florals (jasmine, gardenia, and orange blossom) mixed with a sparkling orange citrus.

As it starts to settle, however, the citrus fades into the background, and the jasmine takes centre stage — supported with the gardenia.

This gives off a soft, fresh, creamy, white floral soapy vibe… with a hint of orange hiding in the background. Very nice.


Eventually… Both a hint of soft sandalwood and white musk join the party, which adds some sophisticated depth and a pinch of sweetness. It smells…

Classy & Timeless

And makes you feel confident and stylish, as it attracts quite a few nice unsolicited compliments. Imagine having that problem? 🙂

And the good news:

Pure Poison can be worn days or nights, in all seasons, all occasions. (Except on super-hot days, as we discovered it gets cloying in the heat).

It’s a great all-rounder for someone in their late 20s (and up) for: work, dates, office, nights out, special occasions.

In fact, this would also make an amazing wedding scent.

Even better…

Long Lasting

In test after test, we, continually, got a solid 6–9 hours of detectable scent.

Plus, Pure Poison is an EDP, and you (and others) can detect it really well for the first 2 hours.

Then it slowly becomes more and more subtle — emitting gentle fragrant wafts.

Now, a quick tip, my friend:

We found “less-is-more” with this one. My suggestion? 1–2 sprays… and you’re golden.

Bonus: The bottle is gorgeous, too!

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