Top 7 Best Victoria's Secret Perfumes (2022 Reviews)

VS Splash, Perfumes & Body Mists: Tried & Tested

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If you want to know what the best Victoria’s Secret perfumes are in 2022, then you’re in the right place. 🙂

Because we just spent weeks researching and nose testing 47 different VS fragrances to find the answer.

Victoria Secret have some amazing smelling perfumes and body mists – with over 340 fragrances released to date. That’s a LOT. So…

The big question is: which ones are worth your attention?

And how long do they last? And in what seasons and situations should you wear them?

Well… today, we are going to share our results with you.

Sound good? Let’s dive right in!

(Side note: we did not include any of the Limited Edition releases because if you blink, they discontinue them and release new ones. 🙂)

#7 Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy EDP

Just As it Says

You get exactly what the name on the bottle says… A very sexy scent. More specifically, a dark, sweet, fruity berry floral scent.

Let’s take a look…

This opens up with a blast of dark juicy blackberry mixed with some fresh clementine citrus – with sweet vanilla orchid florals sitting in the background. Very nice.

Dark Juicy Blackberry

When it starts to dry down… you get a slightly sweet, dark jammy fruity vibe. And this is mixed with peppery florals, joined with some woods and musk sitting in the background.

It smells super unique… and (unsurprisingly) garners a LOT of compliments.

Very Sexy is more suited for the fall and winter (or cooler spring nights). As this gets overly-sweet in the high summer heat.


Suitable for all ages, and more of a night time fragrance (though it can be worn in the day – if you spray lightly).

Perfect for casual use, dates, nights out etc., and is even safe enough for the office/work.

To be clear:

This is not a room filler; it has moderate projection and lasts around 3-7 hours.

That said, go easy with the sprays. Less is definitely more with this one.

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#6 Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion Body Mist

Yummy! 😍

First off…

Don’t be fooled by the name of this fragrance. Why? Well… the star of the show is actually vanilla – maybe they should have called this Vanilla Passion. 🙂

And I’ll be straight with you…

This is not a complex or ground-breaking scent. In a nutshell, what you get is a simple, fun scent… which has the PERFECT mix of vanilla and coconut.

That said, it does smell DELICIOUS. 😍

Speaking of… if you love coconut and vanilla scents, be sure to check out our best coconut perfumes and top rated vanilla perfumes lists.

Anyway… Let me break it down for you:

Warm Yummy Vanilla

This opens up with a blast of sweet warm yummy vanilla mixed with a hint of milky coconut.

This gives off a soft sweet warm toasted coconut vibe. It’s sweet, but not overly sweet or immature smelling.

HUGE compliment getter… People will want to know what you’re wearing.

Super Versatile

A perfect summery go-to scent, but you can rock this all year round. Work, casual, dates, nights out, romantic settings …you get the idea 🙂

And suitable for all ages (but it has a youthful vibe).

Now to be clear…


Coconut Passion is not a room-filler. It’s a soft subtle inviting scent with about 3-6 plus hours of lasting power.

This isn’t an EDP or EDT, it’s a fragrance mist (which is lighter) – so don’t expect miracles. 🙂

But the good news…

Super Affordable

This is super affordable; so just simply pop it in your bag and top up when required.

Bottom line:

A simple, affordable, fun fragrance with a HUGE impact.

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#5 Victoria’s Secret Eau So Sexy EDP

Eau So Nice!

Eau So Sexy is a sweet girly fun scent.

In a nutshell… What you get is a cocktail of juicy fresh fruits and green apple… mixed with a gorgeous sweet vanilla whipped cream vibe.

Think: apple cream pie. It’s sweet, fruity, creamy and DELICIOUS!

Needless to say:

Immense compliments with this one. But be careful, your significant other may want to eat you. 🙂 The beautiful part…

Super Versatile

This is super versatile: a perfect spring-summery everyday go-to scent – you can use for just about ANY occasion. Great.

And suitable for all ages… but it does have a youthful vibe to it.

Now, to be clear:


Eau So Sexy is not a projection monster. It sits closer to the skin, and creates a gorgeous scent bubble around you.

Which sticks around for about 3-7 hours.

Bonus: the bottle is super cute.

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#4 Victoria’s Secret Heavenly EDP

Fresh, Clean & Sexy

Heavenly is a simple fresh clean mass-appealing scent… that smells just like its name…

Heavenly! 😇


What you get is a soft clean musky vibe, mixed with some light white florals… sitting on a soft sandalwood base with a pinch of slightly sweet powdery vanilla.

It’s warm, comforting and inviting.

The best part…

Dressed-up Dressed-down

This is super versatile: all ages, all seasons, all occasions.

Dressed up, dressed down, work, office, dates, nights out, parties, you name it!

Now, to be clear:

Subtle & Romantic

Heavenly is a subtle romantic scent that doesn’t scream out for attention.  If you’re looking for a powerhouse, this is NOT it.

And can lasts anywhere from 3-7 hours.

Bottom line:

A non-offensive, crowd pleasing fragrance that you can wear whenever.

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#3 Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Body Mist

The Best Victoria Secret Body Mist

I’ll be straight with you…

Pure Seduction is not a complex fragrance – it’s a simple, fun, girly sweet fruity fragrance.

But, make no mistake:

This stuff attracts a LOT of compliments. Guys seem to LOVE this juice. 🙂

To clarify: if you don’t like sweet scents, this is definitely not for you. But if that’s your thing, read on…

Let me describe the scent for you:

Sweet Juicy Fruitiness

Pure Seduction opens up with a blast of sweet juicy fruitiness… with whispers of florals hiding in the background. And…

When it settles, it remains sweet, but not overly sweet. And you’re left with a refreshing cocktail of juicy sweet melon, plum and strawberries. Very, very nice.

It gives off a sweet sexy tropical fruit punch drink vibe. 🍹However, it still remains…

Light, Clean & Refreshing

And the beautiful part:

This is super versatile: can be worn all year – just adjust your sprays (but shines in the spring and summer). Great for day-to-day use, work, dates, nights out, parties.

And suitable for any age (however, it does have a youthful vibe.)

Now, to be clear:

This is not an EDP or EDT. It’s a Body Mist (which is lighter) – so don’t expect miracles. 🙂

Super Affordable

Pure Seduction is not a powerhouse. It has subtle projection, which creates a nice scent bubble around you – with about 3-6 hours of lasting power.

The good news…

This is super affordable, so just simply pop it in your bag, and top up when required.

Great. 🙂

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#2 Victoria’s Secret Tease EDP

Soft Sweet Floral Fruity Vanilla

First things first…

Tease was previously called “Sexy Little Things Noir Tease and used to come in the bottle with the vintage pump atomizer.

New name, new bottle, same AMAZING smell.

Great! 🙂

Now, Tease often gets compared to a fragrance called Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy – as they share a lot of similar fragrance notes.

To be honest…

They do smell quite similar, but Tease is more softer, fruiter and doesn’t contain the caramel note of Viva La Juicy. Let’s take a sniff…

Sweet Fruity Pear & Warm Creamy Vanilla

Tease opens up with a burst of sweet fruity pear mixed with warm creamy vanilla.

As it settles… some light white florals appear… and leave you with a crowd pleasing soft sweet fresh fruity floral scent.

It’s warm, cosy and delicious.

A fun, alluring scent that garners a LOT of compliments.

Super versatile

For all ages, but more suited for the younger crowd. And can be worn all year (but be careful with the sprayer in the high summer heat).

A perfect everyday go-to, casual, office, work, dates, nights out, clubbing, you name it…

Now, to be clear:


Tease is a subtle intimate fragrance that doesn’t scream out for attention. If you’re looking for a powerhouse, you will be disappointed.

Lasts about 3-7 hours (depending on your skin chemistry/temperature).

Two thumbs up.

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#1 Victoria’s Secret Bombshell EDP

A Clean Fresh Sweet Fruity Floral

No surprise here. 🙂

The brand’s iconic fresh fruity floral does not disappoint.

Think about it:

There’s a reason why Bombshell is Victoria’s Secret’s best selling perfume. Why?

Simple. Women keep rebuying this because it smells so good!

Let me break it down for you…

Fruity Freshness

Bombshell opens with a blast of super feminine, sweet fruity freshness.

You get a sweet juicy cocktail of passionfruit, strawberry, pineapple and tangerine… all mixed up with some grapefruit freshness… with some light florals sitting in the background. Nice.

Modern, Clean & Sexy

It’s sweet, but not overly sweet, and it smells DELICIOUS.

It’s fresh, modern, clean and sexy… and it makes you feel young and beautiful. HUGE compliment getter. The beautiful part…

Bombshell is super versatile:

Any Season. Any Occasion. Any Age.

A perfect day-to-day inoffensive scent, which is more suited for the spring and summer use, but can be worn whenever (just adjust your sprays accordingly).

Does VS Bombshell last long?

Bombshell is not a powerhouse, and we found it to last about 4-6 plus hours. It’s light and airy and projects moderately off the skin – leaving a beautiful scent trail.

Bonus: the bottle is gorgeous, with a cute black ribbon bow… and comes in a nice pink on pink colored VS striped box. This would make a perfect gift for a loved one.

Bottom line:

If you love fruity florals, I urge you to try this.

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Bonus Pick: Victoria’s Secret Scandalous EDP

Raspberry & Chocolate

A soft, sweet delicious girly scent.


I included this here as a bonus pick because it has been sadly discontinued. The good news… It is still currently available… so grab it while you still can.

I don’t know why VS keep discontinuing and reformulating their top scents.

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. 🙂 Anyway…

Sweet Juicy Raspberry

Scandalous opens with a blast of sweet juicy raspberry mixed with whispers of soft powdery peony florals.

As it starts to dry down… the praline kicks in, and gives it a sweet, nutty, milky chocolatey vibe.

In a word: DELICIOUS.

Warm, Sexy & Seductive

It’s warm, it’s sexy, it’s seductive. Massive compliment getter.

All ages, but more suited for the younger crowd for night time usage (and days if you spray lightly).

Appropriate for fall and winter, as this can get a bit cloying in the high summer heat.

Office friendly, casual, dates, nights out, clubbing, romantic nights in …you get the idea. 🙂

Now, to be clear…


Scandalous is not a powerhouse. It’s a soft subtle inviting scent that doesn’t scream out for attention.

That said… Don’t overspray this one, as the raspberry can get a bit overpowering.

Lasts about a decent 3-6 hours.

Side note: the carved glass studded bottle is adorable, with the cute black bow vintage atomizer.

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How Do You Make Victoria Secret Perfume Last Longer?

To make your Victoria’s Secret perfume last longer, layer it with the matching VS Fragrance Lotion applied to cleansed skin, and then combine it with the matching VS Body Mist.

Or you could simply give your clothes a quick spritz.

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